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Scariest you've ever been driving in New Jersey and has your directions app ever screwed with you is the Jersey one a one point five as traffic working on the closure route to a twenty two year respond side of route twenty two in hillside shut down because of an accident between boys street and liberty Avenue would stand still traffic all the way back to the part where you'll definitely want to avoid that and go with seventy eight instead also a lot of alternate volume on foxhole road and also on the eastbound side of Morris Avenue that's pretty clogged up in union between the parkway and Salem road and then just east of there by the train station reports of an accident right you're Keane university the support is sponsored by indeed dot com you're in charge of hiring Lindy's customized screening tools help fine tune your short list you can get moving here other to do list poster next job on indeed dot com slash higher two eighty eastbound looks like a wreck was quickly picked up in Mount Pleasant Avenue in West Orange and then you're moving pretty well over the Stickle bridge eastbound westbound is still very slow getting out over the Stickle bridge and route twenty four res with delays easing into seventy eight parkway south of one forty nine it's a right wing crash being cleared you've got a northbound wreck off on the shoulder like the ninety eight and wall we're not doing too badly on the turnpike crossing the Hudson leaving New Jersey George Washington bridge looks good Lincoln tunnel to the Holland tunnel winding down to about ten minutes engine Taurus New Jersey traffic north Mike Barker New Jersey traffic south on seventy west down that's going to be slow you know west of two ninety five out towards kings highway in cherry hill not bad at all on the eastbound side from one thirty right out towards two oh six up and down the parkway the turnpike that's pretty good ride seventy three little slow northbound ramble would coming up on the turnpike them pretty good if you have two maple shade no complaints long thirty eight forty two or the Atlantic city expressway traffic every fifteen minutes your next report at seven thirty three New Jersey one a one point five one of one point five a with a forty escapade to the hard rock hotel and casino in Atlantic city starting this.

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