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Just after two PM Wednesday inside the three story home on Peter court everyone inside was accounted for were not hurt but a family dog died a go fund me page set up for the Darcy family says they are facing an up hill battle to rebuild their homes as of this morning more than two thousand dollars of the twenty thousand dollar goal had been raised I propose measured up The New Jersey insurance fair contact act could soon be rickets could soon be considered by lawmakers in Trenton assembly and the transmissible a Republican leader John branding says it would expand opportunities for consumer to file litigation if they are treated unfairly this is clearly a concern of insurance companies because if they denied claims that this will open them up to a lawsuit the head of the insurance council New Jersey says the legislation would push a premium costs across the board for all different kinds of insurance and is unnecessary Pennsylvania's Roman Catholic diocese of paid nearly eighty four million dollars to five hundred sixty four victims of sexual abuse Associated Press review find seven of the state's a diocese launch victim compensation funds in the wake of a landmark grand jury report on sexual abuse by Catholic clergy the funds were open to claims for a limited time this year one survivor says the money will make him rich but he hopes will make his life a little better American airline workers at Newark airport to claim in a loss to the been shorted on overtime pay cannot sue as a class according to a federal appeals court ruling this week the ruling reverses a New Jersey judge's ruling that would allow the lawsuit to go forward and include all non exempt hourly workers employed at Newark airport since April twenty fourteen several employees including mechanics and cargo handlers the Americans time keeping system automatically paid employees based on their schedules rather than.

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