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By Sunday I'm, ABC thirteen meteorologist Irish, their, most CEO And it's seven thirty three it is eighty degrees in cave creek Arizona boats the governor's race is set and a pair of longtime political experts say they have. A good idea, how things will play out. This fall our primary election coverage begins with KTAR Jeremy foster live Jimmy governor Ducey Democrat David. Garcia no problems in their respective primary races last night that sets the stage for what should. Be an entertaining next couple of. Months leading up to the mid terms and the state. Election in this case KTAR political experts stand Barnes and Michael Neale say Garcia recently calling. For is to be abolished will be a big issue he touched the left. Fringe of his own party and just completely burned his. Finger off in it's gonna, come back in. General elections can be a very important part of. The equation some unfortunate phraseology and he has some serious explaining to do to get out of it although Neil points out the red for Ed movement could work in his favor you can, see full election results at KTAR dot com. Live in the news center, Jeremy foster Katya A few moments after winning the democratic nomination last. Night David Garcia told KTAR his. Campaign is not about Republicans and Democrats but centers around. One theme education every family wants the same thing out of their public school they want. Their public schools to help their kids do better than they did in our. Campaign is going to welcome anybody who shares those values. And ready to see that, change in Arizona I can see it's a lot of money will be spent in a campaign to keep. Them off the ninth floor but says he'll use people power to rally support Arizona congresswoman Kirsten cinema wins the democratic. Ticket for, the Senate race to. Replace Jennifer Senator Jeff flake cinema tells ABC, fifteen Arizonans don't care if you're. A democrat or a Republican they just want real results travel. The state and here from everyday Arizonans I wanna make sure that our campaign is a hundred percent on solving there so we don't spend much time worrying about what other people are doing Cinema God more, than eighty two percent of the democratic vote Martha mcsally will represent Republicans in the US. Senate race cannot and I will not stay silent in the face Justice. Standing up for veterans protecting our, border and continuing her legacy of being a combat pilot Martha mcsally is trying to keep all her momentum focused on the November election I've worked, closely, with President Trump to cut taxes for working families create. Jobs secure the border on our veterans as she celebrated with her supporters last night she promised to always stand true, to her conservative values when I'm in the Senate I work, with him to confirm judges who up hold the constitution Ali vetnar KTAR news. You can get all of the primary, election results at KTAR dot com a horrific story, out of Orlando Florida to construction workers plummeted. To their deaths early this morning from the top of a hotel just outside DisneyWorld their scaffolding collapsed above. The sixth four a third worker managed to hang on inclined to save Well start mentally preparing now if. You're flying out of town for, the holiday weekend the trade group airlines for America projects sixteen and a half million passengers will fly US airlines over the Labor Day travel weekend, that, is a three and a half percent jumping airport crowds I'm. Going to be credited on your flight but airlines for America, says they're member carriers of added more than ninety two thousand more sleeves a day over what was flying the same time last. Year Andy Field ABC news KTAR news time. Seven thirty seven Thanks Jamie let's get. Back over to Detroit Dan who's in. The valley. Chevy dealers traffic.

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