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Congressional negotiators now have until February fifteenth to reach an agreement on border security or risk. Another partial shutdown. President Trump says he's not optimistic. The president tells the Wall Street Journal he believes the likelihood of congress putting together a deal. He'd be willing to sign is less than fifty fifty. Here's NPR's Windsor Johnston. President Trump signed a short-term spending plan to keep the government funded through the second week of February. If lawmakers failed to reach an agreement Trump said the shutdown would resume or he would declare a national emergency to fund a border wall without congressional approval. Both sides remain far apart on border security. The Trump administration is not backing down. From its five point seven billion dollar demand for a wall Democrats still refuse to fund it the partial shutdown closed about a quarter of federal agencies leading an estimated eight hundred thousand workers load or working without pay Windsor. Johnston. NPR news, Washington. The Congressional Budget Office is forecasting slower growth in the US economy as the effects of President Trump's tax cuts began to lessen to report also predicts the federal budget deficit will go up this year. This is NPR news. And from KCRW, I'm Cheri Glazer was state and local headlines fifty years ago today, an oil rig off the coast of Santa Barbara blue, spilling an estimated three million gallons of crude into the ocean. It was the biggest oil spill in US waters at the time almost four thousand birds were killed not to mention the marine life, and it was high as to the high tide line. There were dead animal. There were dead mammals were dead birds fish, Susan hazard is now. Now, an administrator with the Santa Barbara waterfront back in nineteen sixty nine. She was while the locals who ran to the beach to watch the oil spill approached the coast rod Nash was there as well. He went on to establish the environmental studies curriculum at UC Santa Barbara. He says it took a few days for the spill to appear on the beach. Was the black tide, and it had a real emotional kind of impact. I mean, other people who were watching photojournalism played a huge role in spreading the word about what was happening in Santa Barbara pictures of Tartu birds and black and surfboards showed the horrors of the oil, spill shock moral outrage. This. This is so wrong that outrage helped fuel the modern environmental movement. Nash says there was a shift in how people felt about the environment and not shifting consciousness had an impact a year later. Congress created Earth Day, president Nixon proposed the establishment of the Environmental Protection Agency in the endangered species. Act followed in nineteen seventy three. Teachers have been back on the job in LA public schools for the last couple of days after their district wide walkout and now a smaller teacher strike at a group of local charters has wrapped up as well as KCRW's Larry peril explains. Teachers at the accelerated schools charter network in Los Angeles have reached an agreement to end at eight day strike officials with United teachers L A say teachers are returning to their classrooms today. Ed, Gutierrez with UT LA says the official end of the strike still needs to be ratified by teachers UT LA is the same union that represented L A unified school district teachers who ended their strike last week. Gutierrez said the tentative deal meets the core demands of its members for increased job security. He says the deal will help address the problem of high teacher turnover at the schools officials say the problem has played them for too long and hindered student learning. The strike was considered the first by charter school teachers in California with educators calling for increased pay then health benefits as way to produce the high teacher turnover rate. Negotiations between teachers and the accelerated schools began over a year and a half ago. The accelerated schools started in nineteen Ninety-four with two unified school district. Teachers officials say the school was structured as an environment where all students were treated as gifted in a network that provides educational reform in south central L A for KCRW on Larry Parral on this Monday. You are listening to KCRW we are NPR news for southern California. It's seven thirty four. It's morning edition from NPR news. I'm Steve Inskeep. And I'm Rachel Martin will Joaquin El Chapo Guzman. Take the stand. The prosecution is wrapping up its arguments in the trial of the notorious drug kingpin. Federal prosecutors have presented dozens of witnesses to testify over the past several months in Brooklyn courthouse now it will be the defenses turn to make its case. And it's not yet clear whether or not they will put Guzman on the stand he faces seventeen counts linked to running the massive drug trafficking organization and has already been convicted of crimes in Mexico. Joining us on the line Keegan Hamilton, he has US editor for vice news, he hosts a podcast called Chapo kingpin on trial, Keegan thanks for being here. Warning. Thanks for having me, let's start with. What is is it going to happen today? The prosecution gets last chance to make its arguments. What are you expecting the prosecution still has one cooperating witness on the stand, and then they have to law enforcement witnesses afterwards. Should be brief don't get a chance to talk to Jerry again when they make their closing arguments. But this is their last chance to present evidence. The jury and prove their case that I'll troppo is leader this law cartel guilty of all of these crimes accused of what is left in their case to make. What are these witnesses expected to say that others have not we haven't heard about L trop was final capture and twenty six. They sort of have taken the jury chronologically from the late eighties started shop career up until the very end. We last week. We heard about his only fifteen escape, but we haven't heard about when he was recaptured which involved a shootout with Mexican marines and another attempted escape tunnel that didn't quite work out one. All right. So the prosecution gets to to question these final witnesses. And then it's the defense's turn the big question is whether or not they're gonna put Guzman on the stand, what are the factors that go into that decision? Actually, go into that decision. Are what did they have to lose? And at this point. It seems like the defense has nothing to lose usually a defendants taking the stand is sorta last ditch effort, and that seems like it might be needed in this case. I mean on one hand he opened up to self incrimination perjury, if he's questioned by prosecutors on cross examination on the other hand, he can sort of maybe control his narrative a little bit and respond to some of the witnesses who testified against him this trial. As we've noted it's been going on for months, and the jury has had to hear all kinds of gruesome stories recounting, some of these horrific crimes, can you can you detail moments that have stood out to you. Absolutely initially, the judge in this case that this is a drug conspiracy trial is not a murder trial throughout the course of the trial. There. There have been references to murders that were committed kidnapping things of that nature, but it wasn't really laid out in vivid graphic detail until the end of last week when a witness who was a bodyguard for awhile and a hitman for him came to testify in describe in the most gruesome vivid details, you can imagine him El Chapo, personally, pulling the trigger on executions personally being involved in in beatings of of men who been kidnapped. We heard description of one one man who was shot and buried while. He was still alive. Truly stomach turning stuff that really seemed to impact the jury, and frankly, everyone who in the courtroom, Wendy, expect verdict. We're expecting a verdict sometime in the next two possibly three weeks, although given totality of the evidence. That's come across too far. It's it's hard to see them taking long to to need a guilty verdict Keegan Hamilton vice news, thanks. We appreciate it. Here's how the power struggle in Venezuela. Look our struggle in Venezuela. Looks this week and opposition leader who was declared interim president plans week of mass protests. The United States is backing his campaign to replace the longtime President Nicolas Maduro NPR's, Philip Reeve's says both sides are courting Venezuela's security forces. No, president in Venezuela can keep power without the support of the armed forces nNcholas Maduro knows that so far his generals appear loyal Medina's working to ensure it stays that way. Not..

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