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Probably not Gerry McNamara eight six six ninety right I thank you so much for being here this morning we do appreciate it yes so when I'm looking here and I'm just going through going to the hill dot com in a bunch of stories they had on and just looking to see if anything there from the Wall Street journal is on a different whether that of the twenty five thousand that Schumer was talking about is that it and I'm reading from Wall Street journal Democrats are also demanding a hundred billion dollars more for hospitals community health centers and health systems that would be on top of the some one hundred and fifty billion for health care and stockpiles in the last bill and they want a hundred fifty more for state and local governments on top of the three hundred forty billion recently signed into law so again what the Democrats are trying to do there with the stages are trying to you know they're trying to get as much money in there are two states that were in debt before this even happened right and to help cover up you know some of their losses I mean there are gonna be losses but again for the federal government take out the debt to cover the losses of the state or should the state say okay this is our problem we understand that some federal disaster help is going to come but it's the federal government's role to get us out of the debt that we got ourselves into before we even got into corona virus well that becomes a new practice then then the federal government takes on the death of an Illinois or any others state that's under water well for practicing pathology of dependency why not write the states on the federal government to right or is the up to the states to say look we're the closer government to the people we're supposed to be more accountable to the people that's how it works that's what states rights role about that that's that's why any keeps going down further as you get to things that that local governments are in charge of doing every day we'll see you're bringing up the musty old out dated our constitution thank you gotta get with it man it's I apologize for me knowing knowing apologize apologize I mean well the thing is the reason the local governments take care of garbage could you imagine having to call the federal government if they were in charge of picking up your garbage Washington DC yeah right even the state or something like that well I mean I'm my city even get get a basically they they they did a contract with a private company right so the city doesn't want to pick up your garbage okay it's some but but this is it well there's no normal why they found it was more efficient yes for them to to do it I remember when I was working in one city in New York one time when I was a talk show host and the garbage collection contract and the workers were called to go yeah we work very hard in those two hours they can basically do their whole routed to ours they set the rest of the day right that got changed that doesn't happen anymore thank god change and probably a lot of the got privatized to yeah right but that was a contract in the the workers had found themselves if we get it done we rush and get it done in two hours thank I have a feeling that if I mapped out and looked at where you had to go that what are you breaking the speed limit are you going fifty miles an hour down the street no you're not and and so they didn't they won that battle short term they did not win that battle long term and a lot of I I really wonder if you if you are part of the conversation call the shell Rotella T. hotline eight six six nine zero seven three three three nine shell Rotella the engine oil that works as hard as you do your part of the conversation call the shell Rotella T. hotline eight six six nine zero seven three three three nine shell Rotella the engine oil that works as hard.

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