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Be able to go through all your options and then try to find the best total solution for them with our team and we're very proud to be able to do that for everybody nine five four seven five to fifty five sixty and on the web Friedman dental group dot com white teeth in a day Florida dot com people are always asking me about fixed annuities and I'm here to tell you if you want to talk to an expert my go to guys Anthony Perry at the Perry financial group he's a CPA with impeccable credentials he's been practicing here for over two decades and he's helped lots of us with our portfolios as well as being an adviser to the city of coral springs where help them and three triple a credit ratings how about a fixed annuity that pay six percent per year to build up your lifetime income base get a two percent interest bonus upon opening that recently change and it's offered for a limited time only fixed annuities are insured by large highly rated insurance companies there is safety CD's but better because he offered rate is higher and you can have access to your money monthly quarterly annually for take a lump sum in the future so either join Anthony Perry on his own radio show Saturdays eleven or call eight eight eight seven five five eighty eight eighty seven that's eight eight eight seven five five eighty eight eighty seven and on the web it's Perry financial dot com Terry within our the new Florida don't text and drive law went into effect on July first it's now a primary offense save a life it could be your own this message is brought to you by Rosenthal levy Simon and riles fighting for the injured since nineteen eighty five.

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