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The five hot spot areas, including Everitt, Revere Len Charlestown here, Intelsat's WBZ TV is Paul Burton reporting. Dr. Rochelle Walensky, the head of the Center for Disease Control, said this week the agency is considering revising its mask guidance, the CDC reviewing whether it's still necessary to wear a mask outdoors. K P I. X televisions. Len Ramirez checked out What people in San Jose, California think of that idea. We found most people by far are still wearing their mass during their outdoor activities. Ron when Russell is one of them Well, I've been pretty diligent about the mask role, and I think if people are comfortable in their vaccinated than they should be able to live there, why it's how they want. Personnel, probably somewhere, you know. So where it for days. I don't feel like doing my lipstick, but we are in a transition phase as more people become vaccinated. At a news conference, highlighting a million people vaccinated in Santa Clara County, Dr Sarah Cody said people still must wear their mass inside and should err on the side of caution by wearing masks outside. Especially in any crowded situation in the state of California still requires mask wearing in quote all public and work place settings where there is a high risk of exposure. And quote high tech equipment at the southeastern Massachusetts Regional 911 Center helped rescue a father and a young son after the boy was injured during a hike in the F. Gilbert Hills State Forest, whose WBZ S Suzanne Sauce for this new $12 million Centers of Fortress in the forest with barbed wire fencing and a huge multi satellite tower and inside the technology is even more impressive. 1 31 moment, executive director Robert for Don't says. Technology called the Rapid S. O s help track the father and son within three yards as they made their way out of the woods where dispatchers had e m T s waiting. That could have been a situation where the responders going one direction and the victim was going another direction Unknowingly. We were just made able to make sure everything correlated and the contact was made in a reasonable amount of time. The technology gets its information directly from the cell phone rather than cell phone towers or carriers in Foxboro, Suzanne Saz Ville WBZ Boston's News radio, seven county sheriff's deputies on administrative leave after the fatal shooting. Of a black man in Elizabeth City. North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper is called for body camera footage of Wednesday's shooting to be released after reports that Andrew Brown Jr was shot as deputies went to his home. Serve warrants this, according to emergency radio traffic from the scene. Now in North Carolina. Body footage is not considered a public record. Individuals have to go through the courts. File a petition for the release and that needs to change. According to Brooks Fuller, the center of the NC Open government coalition police body can law in North Carolina really only gives robust access to body cam footage to people who likeness or voice or recorded in the in the body cam footage. Or to those people's personal representatives. So their attorneys recordings of scanner traffic compiled by broadcast, if i dot com from the morning of the shooting include emergency personnel indicating the brown Was shot in the back. State fire officials warning the public of the dangers of the unsafe disposal of smoking materials after a fire in New Bedford this week caused deaths to two people. State Fire Marshal Peter Ostrowski says the improper disposal of smoking materials caused a deadly fire on Monday, which took the lives of 49 year old Tomas Gomez de la Cruz and 40 Year old Juan Macario Mahia. Firefighter was also heard in a total of 40 people are now displays from the two buildings, the fire destroyed as well as two businesses in the first floors. New Bedford Fire Chief Scott Krueger says the fire began just after midnight in the alleyway between the two of cushion it avenue buildings. One smoking material was dropped from an upper floor apartment, igniting trash and debris next to a dumpster. He says One of the buildings had no sprinklers. No central alarm system. Many of.

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