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I think that those people don't understand what they're talking about let's get him on the horn maher that is read even your minds i agree i feel bad for the guy he should have gotten knack has he knew the song he knew where they obviously yeah whatever side try not to sound like a tool like alex her back ended up sounding like by beal could 'gangstas paradise that's not release timing who would ever say right and then ouster back is like no excuse me sir it's gangsters no alec no laura now what does the alec ldl eggs alex you need to be canceled no handsomely as he does he needs to be take off that show for this four going up to the woman and being leg well alike must be hard to be a woman and have a job that guy's got a gullo he has expired okay and who would you replace them with the guy he took the points away i'm going jeff probst observers can we can be done with that whole survivors thing right yeah yeah yeah let's just move him over to japanese class i don't know uh let's see keenan thompson shudder wanna give steve harvey anymore were no please now uh malvo mario lopez mario lopez chris harris and carson daily now home would now not carson daily wilkerson daily chris harrison same person basically no all the burger king had that pops into your window slow either and the bag out unbelievable ability of chris harris and to facilitate these conversations he's good but i guess so is carson but do you even ally that they have the same skull sat i think they have a difference skull side all right i think carson's just a nice good old dad and he just hangs out doesn't do much but he's done really.

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