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You got to be good. But you also have to sort of lay low rumble fake an injury milk it for a few minutes under the road, hang out outside. I wouldn't sleep on Kurt Clark. I think it's a good call thinker Clark would have a real chance and the arch rumble. Yeah. He's got a strategy. Is a puzzle guy. He'd probably. We're not allowed people would would come for him. Nobody's nobody's. He's not anybody's number one target. Yeah. And also like maybe it's like an escape room. Right. He would be like this. From the escape room. Yeah. Curtis a real. Yeah. I don't think we would do. Well, especially if it's if it's. I'd need it. Easy target. Yeah. We'd be tossed right away. I think in the rumble I feel like that. We think we have to be in the rumble. Yeah. I think we have to be in the rumble. But we're also in it also in it. We'll sometimes the WWE announcers are. But then like, ooh. Like who's Michael Coles music, and then he goes into the rumble, but he usually gets thrown out within ten cents. What this would be? I don't love that. You don't love that. We're in the rumble. Yeah. All right. Let's see what people have to think if we should be in the rubble or not. Although I think it would help with the like if I'm in a Speedo in the rumble then. Me too. I'm gonna Speedo. Yeah. Yes. Also, if if a podcast or wants to pick their picture young. Castors will have the opportunity. They can tell us what their uniform should be. Yes. And then Brent will we'll give him a lot of work. But I'm excited. Okay. So we're good for this week's one hundred good ideas. But I guess we'll have to wait twenty five more episodes here them on the okay Metronet? All right. So here we go season. Three episode seven. I have it at seven slots on the wheels. Correct. And I think it's eight now eight now. Okay. I think bump it up to eight we have not done a season, three episodes since dinosaurs been awhile ago, see New York, aka rob Makita, solve a mystery coin flip where then it's basically Bob Keita's choice. Based on the flip of a coin Oregon trail the rise and fall of Jonathan Taylor. Thomas prices right TV show theme song bracket, MTV shows trash April thirteenth hundred ninety four. But we will select one random day from.

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