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One. West Virginia remained part of the union. But dental lances loyalties, evidently, did not align with the state wants to civil war started the twenty three year old enlisted in the confederate army and served as first Lieutenant and the forty fifth battalion Virginia infantry in eighteen sixty three as it became clear that the confederacy would lose the war Deva, Lance deserted the army and returned to tuck fork or he formed a militia group with his uncle Jim Vance, they call themselves the Logan Wildcats the group rove through the mountains on horseback. Meeting out vigilante Justice and attacking union sympathizers throughout the area. One such sympathizer was thirty seven year old harm in McCoy brother tweet eventual futa Sgt Randolph McCoy. Harman lived on the Kentucky side of the tug. Fork river Kentucky citizens were divided during the civil war. But the majority of men fought for the union including Harmon despite being a former slave owner. He served in the union army's thirty ninth Kentucky mounted infantry regiment until he was honorably discharged in December of eighteen sixty four. On his journey back to tug fork Harmon encountered Jim Vance on the road as Harmon past him. Jim Vance sneered and warned him that Deva Lance and the Logan Wildcats were gunning for him. Vance had recently lost his brother in the civil war. He was looking for someone to blame and Harmon represented a convenient target the Logan. Wildcats may have also carried a previous grudge from his allegiance to another of their vigilante targets union general William Francis. In fact, some historians of the feud site Williams murder at the hands of the Wildcats in eighteen sixty three as the true beginning of the conflict. A few days after receiving Vance's threat Harmon went out to his yard to fetch water from the well he heard a shot and felt a bullet with past him. He crashed to the ground and crept back into the house. His wife Patti urged him to go into hiding for a few days to give bitter prejudices time to heal Harman. Agreed. He gathered supplies ammunition and provisions and set out into the frigid cold. He set up camp in a cave about a mile from his home. The logan. Wildcats did not give up their pursuit of Harmon. According to some accounts, they followed footprints left in the snow by his thirteen year old daughter Mary who had gone to warn her father that the Wildcats more patrolling the area. Other counts see that. The Wildcats followed the footprints of the McCoy family's. Former slave Pete who had gone to replenish Harman's food supply in any case on January seventh eighteen sixty five below gone Wildcats tracked harm in McCoy to his cave hideout. Armand through the blanket office body and began to massage his aching leg, which he had fractured in the war the bones had healed, but the pain lingered, especially in the cold. He didn't need a reminder of the battlefield. He felt as if the war had followed him home, even here he might be surrounded by the enemy at any moment. His breath rattled on top of everything else. He was coming down with pneumonia. He longed for the warmth of his bed and his wife as he mold over the risks of returning home. He heard footsteps outside Harmon froze he raised his rifle and limped towards the mouth of the cave. He hoped he could sneak out before his pursuers found him, but as he stepped outside he heard a crack of a rifle Pierce hair and felt a powerful blow to his chest knocking. Off-balance? He looked down to see blood spilling from an open bullet wound as he died Harmon thought of his five children and his wife Patty who was pregnant with their six. He had come home so eager to see his family and restore the bond weakened by his absence during the war. But now he would never have the chance. Later Patty found her husband's body draped over the long of a fallen tree. Most residents of tug fork believe Jim Vance had murdered him. They were also suspicious of gyms nephew Deva, Lance as the two men led the Logan Wildcats together, but devil Anse claim to be home in bed at the time. Harmon was murdered despite the suspicions. Nobody was ever charged for Harman's murder except for the perpetrators. There were no witnesses and no physical evidence. Linking anyone to the debt? Some historians. Claim that Harman's neighbors ignored the crime because they felt that the union sympathizer. God what he deserved. But the reality seems more complicated before a continued with the psychology. Please note that I am not a license. I kinda tryst or psychologist, but I have done a lot of research for this episode. Many of harm and McCoy's. Neighbors also served in the union army, even some members of devil Anse Hatfield family, according to civil war historian. Eric T dean, some of these returning veterans were suffering from severe PTSD apathy and emotional numbness in maybe that people were horrified by Harman's death. But also too overwhelmed to seek Justice at that point the war had already claimed hundreds of thousands of lives the community was traumatized by the constant guerrilla warfare tactics of militia groups, like the Logan Wildcats and the retaliations from the union army. That winter the war was finally winding down. Nobody wanted to dwell on another death. They were ready to move on. However, the tension between the Hatfield and McCoy families did not disappear over the next few years. Various members of the families took each other to court over small infractions such as trespassing or destroying beehives. But for a while they were content to let the legal system handle their problems instead of resorting to violence. When the civil war ended in the spring of eighteen sixty five twenty five year old devil aunts settled down with his wife will vic- and resumed a life of hunting farming timbering and distilling whisky family responsibilities. Kept devil. Anse busy in the years. After the civil war by eighteen sixty nine thirty year old aunts and his wife live. Icy already had four children and would go on to have nine more. As Deva lands face. The challenges of fatherhood. He didn't have much outside support his own father, e from Hatfield gave five of his other sons attractive land when they reached adulthood, but due to some unknown grudge. He refused to give any land to Deva lands devil lances strained relationship with his father may have contributed to his prideful combative nature in a time. When land ownership was one of the MO. Most potent symbols of a man's worth devil. Lance had to make do with the small plot. His wife had received from her father Deva, Lance was especially frustrated to have so little land because his closest neighbor Perry. Cline had so much. N B is one of the most basic human emotions, but it is often driven by more complicated. Feelings of inferiority and exile. Eighty one a man perceives himself to be less well off than people around him. He is more likely to feel shame and stress about his status, Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett experts in the field of public health have linked these anxieties to higher levels of violence and delinquency Perry. Cline was about a decade younger than devil. Lance Perry's parents died when he was just nine years old any ad inherited five thousand acres of land from his father, according to the Klein, family devil, Anse regularly trespassed on Perry's land to steal timber, but the official property boundaries were murky and devil Anse claimed. He had a right to be there around eighteen seventy Perry Klein agreed to sell devil Anse some of his land perhaps in an effort to resolve any animosity between them, although the trade was not recorded devil. Anse immed-. Took possession of the land even moving into the cleanses. Former homestead soon after devil Anse came across Perry. Cline timbering on the land. He had just purchased. There may have been some confusion over precisely which acres Perry. Cline had agreed to sell to Deva, Lance. But instead of chalking it up to an innocent misunderstanding devil Anse decided take Perry. Cline to court for trespassing. The men settled out of court, according to the terms of the settlement Perry Klein agreed to give all five thousand acres of his land to devil Anse. It's not clear why Perry Klein agreed to such a harsh penalty for such a small offense. But his writing suggests that he felt intimidated into doing. So after the settlement Perry Cline slunk away to the nearby town of pike Ville with this victory. Deva Lance became one of the largest landholders and tuck fork valley devil lances behavior. Ruffled a few feathers and tug fork Perry's father had been a wealthy and influential person in the region. Many residents were sympathetic to the Klein's especially Randolph McCoy who live just across the tug. Fork river on the Kentucky side of the valley. Born in eighteen twenty five forty five year old Randolph McCoy had one thing in common with devil. Anse? He had not inherited any land from his father. Instead, he lived on a small farm that had been passed down to his wife. Sarah, unlike devil ans- Randolph McCoy refused to bully his way into greater land ownership such behavior was a coroner to him. His wife Sarah was a devout Christian and menacing tactics. Didn't come naturally to him. He was known to be more of a sour old gossip than a ruffian, even if Randolph had been inclined to take someone else's land. He wouldn't have targeted Perry Klein with whom he shared close family ties several of Perry. Klein's siblings had married. Mccoy's. In fact, Perry sister Patty was the widow of the murdered harm in McCoy the injustice to Perry. Cline was. Yeah. Another insult added to the injury of Harman's death and soon these insults would be too much for Randolph McCoy to bear. Coming up. We'll see how Randolph McCoy's grudge against the hatfields pushed the families towards an inevitable confrontation. Do you like puzzles if so I have a great mobile puzzle game for you? It's called best fiends, and it's my new favorite game. It's about the world of my new show, and it's cute courageous inhabitants. There are thousands of fun puzzles to solve and tons of cute characters to collect I found myself playing best fiends a lot after work as a way to unwind after a long day. 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