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Sports at 15 and 45 on WTO P George Wallace Shazam That's wow That's one way of putting it Yeah that's for sure Russell Wilson on the move Hillary heading from Seattle to Denver the two teams agree On a trade that will send the 9 time pro bowler to the Broncos for three players quarterback drew lock Shelby Harris Noah fan and two first round picks two second round picks and a 5th round pick heading to Seattle That's quite a haul for the 9 time Pro Bowl quarterback Do you remember last week We heard there was a report that Washington did offer the Seahawks a pretty good draft package for a package I should say is for Russell Wilson but the Seahawks not trading him according to Albert bread they want to trade him into the NFC and who knows if Russell Wilson even wanted to come to D.C. and play But he's going to stay out there and he's going to stay with the Broncos and of course Denver will play in Seattle this year because that's just the way it always works out The packers have been told by Aaron Rodgers that he's going to come back and play some more football in Green Bay That mystery is over The two sides meeting right now and Major League Baseball the union and the league and the league telling the players will cancel another week's worth of games if a deal is not done by the end of today College basketball 16s will secure tournament bids today including the CAA right here in D.C. at the entertainment and sports arena Delaware will face UNC Wilmington in the championship game tonight and fats Russell and Eric Ayala both honorable mention all Big Ten for the terps stored Wallace WLB sports Thank you George Top stories were following for you right now here on WTO breaking news in Texas man has been found guilty in the first jury trial connected to the capitol riot guy.

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