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First verse. I was thinking gee honestly goodbye. Would you on a date with me down I? I don't think it's appropriate for you to be asking. The Berries instructor out on a date right in front of me. Yeah I know Sir what's going from. I'm allowed seriously. Here's here's the thing. If you were going to have the balls to ask another girl out in front of the girl that you are seeing sleeping with owners do not say it's a thousand percent and also like we especially women you gotTa Stop Getting Mad when a man shows you who he is and you can't. There's no fight that you're GONNA be able to have with him in person that's going to be convinced him to be a straight up. Dude also retool. That's what's going on that. He's a tool so that was like the most weird Jim Brough date of all time. She's like I'm down actually only said she was down because the cameras were there she went down. Yeah down and kind of ended up where you weren't sure if she was going to say yes. And if you don't call the scene live your best life and the next time he don't even address no move on the next time he's like. Oh let's hang on doing that. Yeah remember it. Remember three weeks ago when you did that. Say Anything but I'm not after the break we're taking on the back crazy telenovelas ever.

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