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Kilmeade. Hey, thanks so much for listening. Everyone's the Brian Kilmeade show. We have lack going on this hour, including a interview with Martha calumny joining us right from television. She's on right now. And we're say slap is waiting in the wings. So rather than keep waiting with? All this breaking news from Capitol Hill to the border. Let's begin with the stories you need to know Brian's big three number three last week. I heard Adam shift the chairman of the house intelligence committee demand that Bill bar released. The full report this week. I'm hearing the chairman of the House Judiciary committee Jerrold Nadler, demand the Bill bar again violate the law. Bill bar isn't going to comply with the Democrats deadline could have to commit crimes to do that. But it didn't stop Jerry Nadler for getting a subpoena today, but he's not afraid to use it. But he will not use it yet. The Mola report do before Easter, but Dem's one it right away. I've seen controversy before. But this is the most the best example of manufacturer. Versi you could possibly imagine. He's even promised to the attorney general to come may first and may second capital L the risk. No fight here. Can you at least wait number? So if vice president Biden does choose to run for president night states. I imagine this is a conversation. He will be having to have the American people Joe Biden is not a sexual predator. Here we go the Joe Biden there is now four four separate women of coming out and said Joe bond made unwanted touching calamity and it continued. But a bigger issue has just jumped in Oakland. Joe's way and involves his family and international finance. I think the Democrats today I spoke to a couple of them. And all of a sudden the changing because they're seeing it really is a crisis. It is a national emergency on the border. And let's see if they can do border crisis progress now at the border with Dem's as more are admitting. This is a national emergency. What are the chances that action will actually be taken in congress.

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