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You shop in your site the minute you take it over you start paying business rates So you pay your first pound in business rates before a pound in profit Let alone actually a pound in turnover So it makes it harder to start make it more expensive to start And if you're thinking about creating this kind of new entrepreneurial pro enterprise culture where I'm accelerated person I don't know if you are but the system should be encouraging us to go out create a new business based on our talents and passions and then create jobs as a result But actually if you're looking at that now you'll be looking at going well my cost start immediately before I've even been able to build anything on my business So that's the reason why it's a particularly pernicious tax And then over time the tax has got worse and worse So it gives the government between 25 and 30 20 you talk to billion a year to the changes that reduce it by I think you mentioned 4.6 billion over 5 years That is a positive change But it's not radical and it's not fundamental So that was the federation of small businesses speaking about the budget last week to us Well we're going to have much more on British politics on Bloomberg Westminster today at lunchtime Mike wood the conservative MP for Dudley south will be joining me but also the political economist Caspian convent from berenger Interesting that Caspian talking about Chinese investment having far reaching implications for the UK's net zero commitments to catch that at 12 noon a UK time That's been a big Westminster Right let's go over to Bloomberg's Hana torches for collectors in one piece Thank you Caroline in Japan prime minister Julio kushida's party held onto his majority in the general election.

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