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American cities in the wake of covert nineteen. Here's my conversation with Jose Andres. Jose Andres so good to see you my friend. You know this is what we know about you. You have a sense of justice. You have a sense of fairness you have a sense of obligation to help People but it all began with a sense of smell. That's what I've learned it back in In the day in northern. So let's start there and how you became so enamored of cooking. They super thrilled to be here. And do you have many chefs coming to these? You know what? I'm probably your all your only the tenth eleventh chef. We've had nothing. You're blazing the trail for us. Some spending more in the years to come. Yes I'm if if they are socially active chefs they get they get to jump to the front line. So you know Michael Levin call when I was fourteen th but for making always Sainsbury early on why was so important. Listen I was born in Studios Mining area in a tiny town communities and northern Spain yet Super Green love cows rebours sal moaning spring But we need to remember. That is Spain. I grew up in Restaurants were luxury. Everybody had to cook a home. Everybody will go for the bread every morning. If you ate fees you will go to the fish monger. Everything was daily. Their refrigerator was full. You would buy for the day. Those were the days and my mother or my that they will always be. The ones who does away was I still remember the end of the month when already was not the love with love around home on many of the leftovers will be used for making the meals like protas. Those chicken fritters that today. I cannot believe I charge two three dollars. Each those were the the hunger dishes. The word those were the dishes like one of my father was waiting for the next BIG CHECK. My mother will be able to multiply wherever was left. And it's funny. I never remember the biggest stake moment or the big fish. I remember all the dishes that my mother made during the last week of the month with almost nothing and those are the dishes that sometimes attach made too much. And why did I understand? Why the the the tastes and in the foods appeal to you but excuse me the preparation of it. Why why were you so into that? Listen them watching us. My mother win indication and and US going in and give her a hand that to me probably was the highlight of of the day for me. I C it'll have the romance of those roasted red peppers that then she would stay with garlic and olive oil. I should man. We're never I'm going to have to move them now or we suffer sweet. A touch of Sherry vinegar at the end dose. Peppers is still I. Try to recreate with memories. A half of this Mel's of the romance of putting the finger if she was not watching mom and that you will bring that data finger of something fell. I was distilling. It always stays so much better. She's still living. No my mom. My mom was a nurse. She buys a year and a half ago What did she think about your career and your success while they were always very very proud of Cindy's boy came very much America with fifty dollar and and so how managed to to have to have a restaurant and then to and and everything else obviously mother and father's therapy already. I think in my leg who's counting right. Yeah so did. She approve of the taste did you. Did she think you were doing it right or did you say you know what not quite up to snuff? No she was like every mother Now my daughter they will only give you enough credit. So you you you. You had to push yourself harder. I think that's key on life. I think family members if anything they need to be honest with you and and many of our family structures I think yes given support but also pushing everybody for were no not not saying everything is okay. You have to push harder to convince everybody that you could be the best chef. And What Does Your Dad do? My father is retired now. Another no then. I North Aisle suing the hospital. So I was born in studios but we move very early on to Barcelona so even if he's Spain a stress on Barcelona in the province of Catalonia. They are two different things Like Alaska and Florida. Yes I always felt. I was always an immigrant because moving into Catalonia woes different language different way of living different ingredients different foods so you will say Spain more country but is saw. Mason Hobart early on. I always learned that very much. We are all immigrants in the moment. We move away from the place we were born. Catalonia is obviously the the seat of a lot of unrest right now. What do you make of what's going on in Spain when I wrote the OP-ED for The Washington Post from his heart because I feel Very proud of Spain I feel very proud of where I was born in the region. Asturias but then I feel very very catalan. I speak on bright fluent Catalan. Many of my family members are Katelyn on. We have different points of view on me. I try to be a man of inclusion. Wins the day I cannot understand how Catalonian especially catalans that they use. One BURP one ward. Call saying Sanyo Katelyn as E. N. Y. Saying is common sense on if you ask any Katelyn. Every by the will always describes themselves as people of saying beloved the best commonsense on the face of Earth. And so how? I don't know where that sank has gone because nobody wants to be borrowed. If some people don't want to be part of his Spain I respect if they they don't WanNa be speaking of Spanish. I respect but what I another respect is that they are not respecting the bigger majority the UCLA people on the streets and to be this that everybody wants independence. It's kind of a prom. Not just all over Europe but here as well you know everybody has sued absolutist opinions and even if they're in a minority that's tough democracy If if the minorities unwilling to accept but we need leaders. Don Try to bring people to the streams does leaders that want to break away from the rest of Spain. They claim that the Spain he suppressing Catalonia and only going to be giving these facts cut down on the speaks its own language and he started in every single school ninety percent of the time. Catalonia has many newspapers in Catalan. Catalonia has more than one hundred radios in Catalan moisture. Watch movies theater. Catalonia has its own police. Catalonia has seven DB stations owned by the Catalan government. Catalonia has the biggest level of independence of any region in Europe so we can have leaders that keep selling the story. That Catalonia is being embraced by Madrid when Actually Catalonia is one of the most amazing regions anywhere in Europe anywhere in the world where the economy thriving were immigrants. They've been arriving and they've been that were catalans are Catlin's but then everybody else. Whatever they want to be adopted into they got the only way of living very much like America. So almost what? I see some of those leaders that warns independence from Spain. You sound like a Catalan trumpism. let's use breakaway. We've with everything why because we have to break no has to be a reason why you want to break is noble breaking. So what improving on Catalonia anger improving or Hispanic by having Alania moving away from the rest of his return to your story you join you joined the navy Why did you join the navy? Well Spain the military service was mandatory. But probably was the best thing ever happened in my life again. I leave school early. Young Fourteenth Fifteenth and then. The navy for me was kind of these moment. I became a man when I was very young in the Porto Barcelona. I saw a ship called one. Have you say by the end? They'll Kano and the cheap was tranship for the midshipmen for massed my yesterday on my father told me one day you do the military service send you an in the navy. You should try to go to that boat. Where did they feel are able to go? Well I ended cooking for the admiral because already I was a fairly good cook was a nineteenth on a and I told the admiral I'll cook with you but the date that boat leave sport. I want to be on that. You say okay granted and was because I've been throughout my life. Six six month was the admiral on the boat as well but was willing to part with your cooking. That's how much his wife I'm done. I still remember her. His wife is screaming. What what you've done in this house. I mean well but it was able to on the boat and his first time it came so the walled Ivory Coast and Brucie than the cut even for stymied so American shore on happened. We went to Pensacola. The city that celebrates that amazing day the five flags were happened. One of them was the CASTILLIAN. Spanish flack that day. I thought of short span belongs to America and who was going to tell me that after his military service I came back to mark. Yeah I I and you came back with a mind toward getting into the restaurant business but I was very lucky because they offer me To come to work in New York restaurant was before the Olympic Games of Barcelona ninety two and was La businesses from Spain on Colonia. They wanted to do Corp. Things in the states restaurants will spur of it. They go day to be Senate came to open. I said Cook Restaurant on Paper War. Six month Who was going to that twenty five plus years later here you. You're at twenty twenty one twenty two years old at the time. Yup almost two and after that Gig you you went to Washington and I landed in Washington around January February nine hundred ninety three one of my i. Guess coming on these restaurant in the middle of nowhere seventh-inning northwest very much. The quarter that you could buy brock's at three P M in the middle of the day. No cars on the street. Who is the first person that's almost comes through the doors? Senator Patrick Moynihan no kidding on through many conversations giving one of them when they told me who say if you love America America will always love you back and that's the only thing what made you. What made you decide to open up a restaurant there? Because as you point out it was it was pretty down on its luck neighborhood until the arena was built and well at the time. I was used Young Twenty three years old. I came the head chef by Mike Partners. Who FOUND ME? Roberto Alvarez who? He became the domain Dominican Republican by southern in the United States rogue wider. They're the ones that gave me the opportunity to to to have a place to belong. I think we are always men and women looking for a place to belong a new. I was looking for my place to belong on on Washington I was..

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