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Year should emergency surgery in van Bor after blockage appeared in her throat in a tweet dog asked fans to please say, your prayers for Beth the Chapman's, of course, best known for their a show dog the bounty hunter. And, and she is in a coma, is that show still it has it has various of variations. There's, you know, dog and Beth do this, but you know, they're all the same show, but they have different titles. She races to come on asking. He what like twelve kids couple of Dopp kids seem like they've got a full crew. Did. Trying to think of we're talking earlier about the ventures Stanley got me to write for he died, right? There was some like hand on the back thing or something wasn't there. There is got me to like, he got a good metoo, and that really all I remember is. And we didn't really talk about it, but his manager basically apparently wrung, dry and force them to work like a workhorse before he died. That was the story all over TM drying. I don't remember this Stanley got a little metoo flack, he could frag, I think, with some may to action, but George Bush kinda Copperfield, kind of this may have been a little more. But again, it doesn't really matter. It's not we don't have dimmer switches with toggle switches. So George Bush, making his joke from wheelchairs. The same as Louis C K, or let's same Bill Cosby of the same as any anybody anymore. I don't know why I feel like having a dimmer switch. And having nuance is the best part about being a human being. If everything's just toggle switch, either he did this or he didn't do it. Whatever he did who cares. It's not the not good. Although our sexuality, and our genders, not by anymore. Now the added a dimmer switch or sexuality, but not when it comes to the me, too stuff. What was the stand was her Stanley story? Yes. So into he died in two thousand eighteen November in January public reported that multiple nurses have accused of sexually harassing them all they were caring for him. Another woman said that he masturbated in front of her and groped her. We'll see. Of the mentor or something? I mean, they're causing sure. And then April a massage therapist were accusing him as well for massages. As though I worked at a nursing home, and I was in high school. I mean, it is spring break before the pearly gates rolled, or they're all just going bananas and diapers getting shot heaters. Banging people Sweden nanna right now is being bent over walkway across a cold tile floor. That's the reality of the world, guys. Worse sandals commercial. Yeah. Well, it's also when people it's like it's like if you see I don't know like a four year old boy. He'll just have his panned down his pants like playing around dangling. And then she, like ninety year old guy, the same thing kind of lose your faculties. You can just goes right to your dick. So there's that, but also, you know, wanted to fire that Spidey web off a couple of times for for hit the grave, my favorite playlist on my, I tunes, my metoo playlists, I got Michael Jackson James, Brown or Kelly. So I just. Yeah. The holy trinity reminds either one thing that Neal Brennan said during the rose battle their time, Michael Jackson, if it's okay to listen to him, and he goes, well, all I know is this Michael Jackson might have molested kids, but he definitely wrote thriller. So these after he died, his nurses, were talking or is this before before? Okay. The same year. Yeah. I don't know again of dementia. My feeling is. I don't know how much damage like if you're hells angel and your twenty five go on. There's a lot of damage you can do. Right. I'm not sure how much damage you can do from craft Matic bed like when you're in a bed bed has a remote control attached to its you can lean up. So you can eat jello. I don't know how much physical damage you can do to anyone else in the room, you can try. Yeah. I ca- miracle when I tell you something..

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