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I the tone of it i could go on for hours yeah well we can go on for thirty minutes so like you said seventy three george roy hill written by david ward and one of the things that struck me about butch cassidy to is the crew that he would put together was i mean edith headed the costumes in these legends of hollywood would shoot the picture and to the set design and do the costumes and it's just amazing robert sir tests certes shot at he shot been her in the last picture show in so it was just a time in that in the seventies where you could gather just your crew were legends that's right you know there's amazing the in this in the sting the attention to detail in in every way you know the costumes of set the streets there must shot on a back lot universal but it is it's just they just they didn't miss anything and you can you can really really feel it it's it's your back it's it's the depr russian is nineteen thirty two or something and it's it's it's so stylish and and yet you know there there are a lot of movies from the sixties and the seventies that are you know of for lack of a better word they're just they're they're trendy they were of you know they were they were kind of of that period there there's they're not timeless they look a little kinda creaky and style of acting the style shooting it just it doesn't hold up whereas there are certain movies you mentioned earlier like rear window certain hitchcock classic films like north by northwest those kinds of things they are.

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