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To celebrate the day 91 years ago, the second greatest candy bar in the history of the world Snickers. Was introduced by the Mars candy company, and I'm glad it was. Guess I'm gonna have to have me a Snickers. You have the Snickers peanut butter. I have not had Snickers Peanut up. I didn't know that. Oh, dude. Awesome. Wow. Okay, I'm on that, because, yes, Charlie. I am a believer. Snickers. Satisfied? I mean, okay. How satisfied will we be on Sunday when CBS sits down with please tell me when CBS sits down with the president on Sunday, it will be at the same time. It's the Puppy bowl. It's 4 30. I haven't checked in on the book. Yes answer, baby boom. Yeah. So you're gonna you're not gonna have to compete. But this, uh, this sort of tradition now almost in its 20. If you're going to be interesting, I wish they'd do it live, but no president wants to do live interviews these days, so It's already it may already be taped. CBS isn't even telling us that so wide ranging is what we're hearing the interview is going to be the elephant in the room. Morgan Wall in what say you I'm sorry, Morgan Wallen. Certainly, you know, Don't you don't know Morgan Wall in the country Singer number one country album in the country. Oh, yeah. I'm sorry. I'm sorry on this one apparently lost my first. You know, I just thought I was gonna bring up Jamie Johnson, who was kind of like, you know his twin brother, so to speak, I did. Wallen canceled basically now removed from Ah, lot of platforms allegedly over using the N word and Now the most toxic word in America. At this point, you use it, You lose it and not just the word you lose. Your career will see how far this goes. It's It's one of those that if you if you listen to or watch the video, you're You wonder? Well, how do I feel about this? Well, it's one of those words than society has decided. Nobody can use it well on Lee part of us can use it. I'm not a fan of bird. But should a word deny you the right to make a living. I'm a free speech when I want to protect all speech. Even though that speech I find offensive. I'm with you on that. The difference here is that this affects a lot of businesses. This isn't like, you know, he just was running down the street and get it to suck. You know that it was, uh well, I can't say you're me. But, you know, Joe blow caught on video doing saying what Morgan Wallen did. This affects a lot of businesses. Record companies, media companies. It to concert. When we have concerts again, concert ticket sales, All that stuff is affected. But then that same argument, Charlie, I think has to be made with The press secretary who used a pretty ugly Reisler against Lindsay Graham and doesn't seem to be feeling any heat today. Yeah, I was going that I'm glad you brought that up, and it's available. That story is available at the pure, A pelican podcast. Is this something that she recently said, Or is this go back to her CNN or wherever it was days that she worked. It goes back to August. Okay? Well, not that not that far back then. No, it's not that far back and you know Sachi was tied to the Biden campaign back then, but I certainly think that the administration that's claiming it's going to be you know, fair for everybody should not be led in the press by someone who's thrown around gay slurs. Against a member of Congress against the senator. It's interesting, isn't it? How we Gotta be careful how I put but it we kind of pick it. Choose what you know, depending on who you are, where you are, What's OK? And what isn't Yeah, Selective outrage is worthy, stale. Yeah, and and we all decide. Well, let's check the initial the political initial after their name. Decide whether they get one strike. No strikes or three or sometimes multiple strikes in the cases go buying if we go back to his statements in the past, great points has always always appreciate the visit..

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