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Holiday break some women in sacramento writing columns about their experiences with legislators some uh who will no longer in the legislature but you know you wonder who else who's gonna fall to the sexual harassment situation haven't heard much about the recall effort josh newman after the legislature in the governor's added sneaky way of slowing it all down a gear how's that going is it going to happen well one of the things that they did slow it down one to require a department of finance to look at how much of it was going to cost and so that report has now come back and they too if the recall election was at a standalone time it would cost a few million dollars if it occurred at the exact same time as the june prime reduce already scheduled it would be under a million dollars so it would be cheaper to do at that time of the governor is supposed to take that under advisement and then set a date for the recall uh the dollars to donors he's gonna say oh well when let's do it in june and the reason the democrats pushed it back to uh at all of these qualifiers because they really wanted it in june because there's a higher voter turnout at during the primary than a standalone election probably give senator a better chance of surviving so um the go the governor has the report now in hand he'll make an announcement probably this month and um as i said my bed is.

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