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And this is the reason we look forward to Monday's here on AM Tampa Bay because we've got the one and only Lionel on board. And Lionel we've been speculating on what you might be talking about whether it's the southern border or the kind of. Creepy. Uncle Joe Joe wrong, by the way, creepy fro tour for froder ISM is a paraphernalia involving rubbing, but by the way. Live from New York City home of the congestion tax. Remember your next? I want to bring up something. Which I find is yet. Another example of how somebody tells you the truth tomorrow is going to be historic in Chicago, never let me explain this. You have a race. Where to African American women are winning are running in one last time one particular point this is Lori Lightfoot shitty. Thirty five point at one point eight thirty five. Differs between Toni preckwinkle now, isn't that a great how they be from downton abbey? Plane. What this one is about this is Obama's ship cargo. This was a story regarding jussie smollet missed yesterday. You know, there were there were prosecutors that are marching this is one of the most important pivotal moment. And nobody reporting this Cam FOX is this basic incompetent rule, but that was a protege of this woman, Toni preckwinkle this woman is in charge of dish icago machine. She is a part of the president of the Chicago or Cook County Bob association, they have a strange government different government. Why is that important because the Obamas are strolled still trying to push through this library or Tampa library and trying. They're trying still to do this. Now, this is. Something which is fascinating to follow me on this. When he was arrested a woman by the name of Tina chin who is Michelle Obama's X aid or aid. She calls up this prosecutor, Kim, FOX said make sure you refer this to the FBI, very odd. Because, you know, prosecutors are very very possessive about their case. It's not gonna turn over the publicity case of a lifetime to the fed. Well, as this case was sealed miraculously after an executive emergency surprise super-duper. Double secret probation meeting where the case was thrown out sewer spongy without any motion. Without anyone even asking for it. All of a sudden this Kim FOX's prosecutor says, you know, there was a mistake. Apparently, all of the information was sealed you may ask yourself. Who cares if the most? Publicity, prune the most public arrest has records that are sealed. Well, when you get into the arrest report, we find out interesting things apparently the Chicago police returning the favor said, Oops, I guess we released by accident. Our information in apparent contravention of your order to seal. These people are dirty during the course of this name all of a sudden it pops up this little great wing who is the the special agent in charge of Chicago field office for violent crimes against children division this squad. Why would he have anything to do with it? Now, just imagine just use your head from women. And you know, you're going one day to find out that Hollywood in all of its manifestations. So creepy uncle Joe so Weinstein through Nexium through all of these cases is nothing but a pedophilia. A sex trafficking rat's nest and has been for years. What happens if all of a sudden it turns out this guy? I'm just saying just being speculative this guy who was a child actor Jesse. What if he would providing information, let's say to the FBI FBI constituted FBI? She FBI might be taking advantage of a little known little remembered executive order in December of twenty seventeen signed by our president. Now, let's also look at something which is also fascinating. If this were to happen. What would this do you just do the Hollywood every Emmanuel who is that? That's Rahm emanuel's, very famous and powerful. Hollywood agent buddy brother body for my brother. William Morris endeavor merge, and they're going public. Do you know what would happen? If all of a sudden, you're in the business of representing Hollywood. And it's about to crumble by virtue of a series of these these horrible up controversy. Well, what happened if you pick up the phone, call your brother, the mayor to turn on this to bring for the first time together Rahm Emanuel and the police together with get this siding with President Trump. The Marlins this story is the internee seen interconnectedness the plot to conspiracies the ball, the the people that were enemies now re position we calibrated replied formed. What was old is now, no old enemies are now, friends and allies, you're about to see something at every level of every aspect of society. Entertainment government is gonna be huge. Because remember Joe Biden is that tip of the iceberg Nexium very quickly. Nexium huge case who represents Clare Bronfman Gary goes, remember this woman last week. Tina Glen, this horrible. Woman. She's a woman she's female lawyer representing Jesse where we time you opened your mouth it made it worse about Whiteface who does he work for CARA goes who did Garrigo sign on with no Abernathy like what this is the biggest sex trafficking case in New York in Brooklyn going on what I'm saying. Is it a rat's nest? You're not gonna learn it just reading the headlines. You gotta get your plugs in here. You're gonna follow them on YouTube channel at Lionel nation, and at Lionel media on Twitter, and that's where I follow him. And I got a newsletter coming out today. Go to Lima media dot com. Gentlemen..

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