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I triple thing to your podcast, again, just like the request for the their stories paint a strip a cord, and I just remembered a story and the shame and the bears mayor right now. But I'm like my phone call fresh really having to deal with all of these emotion. So way back in the day. I was really all about writing fan fiction. I don't know any of you guys or any listeners kind of jumped on that. But like there was. I don't even know like just a huge falling for like, Harry Potter. So I did Harry Potter fan fiction. I. The role playing for that went along with it. So I in like middle schooler high school, I did the Harry Potter fan fiction role playing board, and it was like all girls. So I made a male character after the guy that I, you know, been obsessed with here's is given this male character his name and come to find out, you know, a few weeks later someone on the board. I, you know with the real guy or not apparently like soft his name found the actual guy. Because apparently, there's not many of this male name around there. He's not, you know, shown, we miss or anything shoot a wink mountain told him about it then to link. You know, like my name was also on the board under other things both. And I get a message from him going. Hey, can I have control over, you know, my own name, and I'm like. I night of embarrassment. You know, fuck off Mike Archer at night, you my bad and promptly did not look at him or talk to them for the next seven years. With seven years later. I saw at a bar and we had a drink over. It was completely hilarious and not as be married. No. Truly remember it right now. But just thought I'd share my. References. Well, as my shame that, and you know, I live I find it. Yeah. I would be able to have a nice laugh at, you know, seven years later tragic. Bless you. Thank you. You you. Oh, I we've spore be with you. And also with you. I loved that. That's so mean that person did that about persons of villain villain acceptable. Thank you so much for calling. We'll do what they're doing in their van fix RPG's. That's not. Okay. All right. So this next one is addressed to Tim Creech. Yay. Got another one ten three from Jill. Hey, teen cre-. My name is Jill, and I just wanted to share this story with you. Because I don't get enough opportunities to share the story with people who'd understand when I was young. I fancied myself a writer, I just it very seriously convinced that I was going to be a famous writer like RL Stein or in Martin. Famous. Ryan not that today, but you way, and don't get them away. And I entered high school. I got a new gym port that pack, and I was weirdly sentimental about the previous Jan sports that pack that have been using through middle school in. So I decided that as a creative writing exercise for myself..

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