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In if it's actually pretty shocking small it is i mean it's a little mind up in the north side north east side and a little monument they call it hard of the monument in the perea uh bluff area and then this debate if you look at it there's there's this huge cold if it runs in between the two on so they've hurt the be county obviously wants to all this to all the big reserves there that they can they think they can get into an you know create some jobs how do you know you know given the market for coal whether that would actually you know come to pass their fears it it's hard to it's hard to get a new going right now need to flip the market forces in place so um so yeah that's that's what is looking like and and and you know they mentioned is gonna be the both sides of you know both monuments will be you know litigated pathetic and goeltom only come down to what the courts decide and less congress intervenes and something uh to to undo those so yeah it's it's it's sort of cheating it up finally that we're gonna see this despite uh that's for sure at robert hue is an in his out for senate race next year no i wish i knew everybody everything's chambrier there is a ball to mind their we'll get you work prediction but everybody seems to think that it um but you know actually sorta stalling for time he doesn't want to feel lancut because he's trying to get this this tax bill through the senate uh i know i think i think senator has really wants to run again uh i i think you know their health considerations obviously uh you know he's he's losing his eyesight to some degree and you know he's he's an old man and he's kind of net maybe not maybe lost to step um but i know i i kinda feel like he wants to other any told the wall street journal this week but he's taking to run again he told that two years left is at is if anybody can be finance chairman until 2020 and he says nobody from utah it's gonna you know i.

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