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Radio K O b. J I'm Patrick Osborne. This news is brought to you by associated supply. Company incorporated Sub freezing temperatures and precipitation have combined to leave central Texas covered under a big blanket of snow. Six inches have fallen in some spots. The wind chill out there this morning feels like below zero. The storm is moving out now, but all that snow will not be thawing out or even going away anytime soon. Officials say. This event is like more snow on the ground than at any point and more than 70 years. The meteorologist do expect today to be the worst for the storm here in central Texas. AccuWeather meteorologist Dave Samuel says the winter storm will bring the area temperatures to record lows. Any forecast more cold spells are coming later this week to extend the freeze that will bring likely another witchery next of some ice as we head through Wednesday and Wednesday night, and that should be it after that store most through should be milder temperatures and will be above freezing later in the week, he says. Hopefully, Austin can expect highs in the fifties. Around the weekend. John Cooley News radio K O. B. J, both Austin's mayor, and the Travis County judge declared a local state of emergency as the winter storm continues on local leaders are echoing public safety officials request for you to stay off the road unless absolutely necessary. Governor Greg Abbott is adding to that, saying some people still try to drive on the slick roads and he says that could produce deadly consequences. Won't you lose control of your physical and ice? It could lead to exactly what we saw happen in Fort Worth, Texas, local leaders say staying off the roads were also ease the burden on first responders. Speaking of the roadways, the central Texas Regional Mobility Authority has closed all of its toll roads until further notice, because the heavy ice and snow that's accumulated the closures include 1 83 A from south of San Gabriel.

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