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You know that to me you guys probably yourselves of being educated and informed about immigration and i'm starting to wonder if you really are uh you really need to this in a lot of comments about norway and i know maybe you tried to be funny but it really wasn't one is because there's always somebody positive conference of norway and how wonderful it is and i was making a joke that what we do hub immigrants in norway quite a few muslims actually yeah um yeah we under you know to say it like it is the muslims um are not very interested in being integrate its uh in the norwegian society um they would like to kinda lead their aum's type of life and which is a problem the norwegian government is trying their best to incorporate them into you know the normal daily nowegian life so uh i came here fiftytwo years ago from norway and um i think that um we really toyo donnas to do the best for a country that we have chosen to come to and we try to give back to the country that's been good for us uh i think most immigrant they came into legal way another thing too is you know one day talking by illegal immigrants there is no illegal immigrants theory illegals immigrants i usually legal not enough uh you know another issue there but uh yeah so i mean i think i come from a very good countries that's no doubt about that but i love you his idealized by americans right how about that you know i think the italians early i idealized why america histories idealized some of its culture for the italian but they will be called the the the government particularly of scandinavia and the the sort of social structures highly idealized in this country well you know it's interesting because actually there are more uh people in the united states of norwegian heritage done there on a weakened to norway detail did not do that but that's interesting mr trump clearly did not you know what i think that um the.

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