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Wonderfully. Romantic couldn't help thinking that they might be an ideal the station for a not a series sometime in in the French countryside way the <unk> all historic a U Eva team today that well let me first say his absolutely fabulous where we're built a rookie out crawl pe tope mind the remains of a fortress Chris that goes back to the eleventh century on fortunate made about throwing side in the crew sites in gold race to the ground by Richard Mine halts troops from the Middle Chapel still but mostly it's just a mound role stover rubble and a couple of ditches notwithstanding that they built up new new chateau next all working out while the hill complete with translations than targets and that's sort of like fairies at the bottom of the garden. If you stand down on the balcony windy just about save the slate roof through the trae as gorgeous young new of the land drops something might tuned Mejia's two little river Scotland and islands than the Goddess Kali and doesn't it'll just a couple of years ago. The discount rate remains little around when breach Walsham because we just via a gripper as well and beyond that url the woods in the vines Indians and billions of little oh bottles in the making and you will is it an ideal setting for a series well when we moved here waybill was effectively failed and is as I say at the top of the hill had house built <unk> time consuming the word but on the other hand <hes> you know I've got a book to write an. I need a terrific location. This new show served as a seminary for priests at one point and something I have this book called Scorpion rising with a Collegian priestesses. All women who keep menace sex slaves and online aged today's for research was will down the bulk of my garden and I'm the siren had a rook in any was riddled with caves Sinai did. Did I tell you this book itself so it's not all series. It's already been written amazing. I know I couldn't believe the question yeah they don't so is it. was that a standalone that one no it was <hes> it was one of the Claudia's on account car heart member which <unk> yes Monday race not what it used to bang on over a hundred publishing cold crime <unk> in Hunan. Oh Gosh I can't quite believe it must be impossible to keep track of the more now but the Elvis I don't even try look if there's one thing you've you've done in your right and Korean more than any other. What would you say was the secret of your success in school to be not first contact with the literary agent agent? It really has <hes> I've done my research eyedropper short-list book <unk> based based on the fact that if you shoot for the moon you'll still learned among the stalls. I set my sights the top the top of my list because she was behind me three hundred fifty percent I think that gave me tremendous confidence and belief in my rising abilities ally. I'm pretty sure I all stems right from that. In that woman is famed is is is she gave you the permission really to sit down and just let your talent flow by the way that you've discretion she she home dish in many ways because signed never thought from ancient Rome with never even thought of crime a- proactive heroin were when she said she wanted that you know something I created a super bitch which I am you know one extreme to the <hes> and it just reflects the encouragement she gave me was tremendous us from there you know once once. You're on that platform it's it's you know it helped to normal slain intensive. You're working habits. I you plotter or Pansa and I work Hollick. Would you have to kind of push yourself to get going while the thrillers which means people to applaud them tightly in that this my way round bats <hes> we have fingernails for a reason jenny nuts to bite them nails imagine business so I'm GonNa make sure that people appointing them and lines so there's no question of when I want to state my pants with Ed's I forgot what the question walls with your workaholic have. You got a favorite way to relax tonight winds. Oh <hes> yes. It's travel. It's I mean to actually actually be paid. They smell bad thing is it but in the Claudius air is getting thanks mule <unk> to get out there and research will lease the likes of Tuscany and it's not all about a wine and the go-to Umbria and it's not all about the wine was this crow <unk> older oldies the lovely places Acess to guarantee to for inspiration and research and even when I went to the writing conventions in America Cower in the world surveys road triple haven't you so Nazri well the weakest town in the West <hes> tombstone done throughout China. Mary even WanNa win to Halloween in Germany gave me the Pied Piper my take on the Pied Piper Anyway. Am I mean it's a little bit of a double edged sword. <hes> we went to Sweden a couple of weeks ago. There's a is that it'll bay on the war Orsha Walsh uncles and again it was this little tiny cove inlet my so yeah. There's a story that called the point of no return so if you don't see Mister Toad for one you know you know where he's gold sounds like you enjoy your travel anyway. That's wonderful to be able to buy to work hard play hard and sometimes it overlaps a bit but we never work on unholy J.. A. May make notes an holidays a holiday <hes> yeah but while I'm here yes I'm hunched over like cousy Meyer died but the series is called the joys of injury again. It's predicated a little bit on the I think there is a change in reading habits in the last week with the digital revolution that people can vary much more easily follow an author's work if they find someone they liked making really refund in backless to face Oh desire they can order to midnight on Amazon one of the other digital shops that they won't change so so taking that framework of binge rating. It sounds very mattress. You've been a lifelong injury. Who would you like to read and who who are you reading now right now? I'm writing Sonko generate. We La Golden Blood. I'm not sucking up to Hugh Bowel. Base always read crime you know when I was younger like throughout Stain I went to the library around of crime books because on rent the mole. I was very false grades but the Julie's L. digital reading is it's made things so much accessible and affordable may now people can buy a book and it's you know it's it's. It's not even a cup of coffee so didn't like series. That really hasn't lost a law. How I think it's terrific? I love this that's right and and of course with Simony Indie published authors given away women series they can they can actually sort of almost like goto cheese his wife a chase tasting Bacon Thais the fist or coffin without having to even biased so it's a paradise really for Ada. I think I think it's incredible development montage <unk> just brilliant. I really do love it so you would say you taste mainly extends to historical oracles and cry this yesterday's what I been Joel now of all the short stories mainly mainly <music> a I did. I was a great fan of the late Diana Norman. She wrote some fantastic historical novels and the way she handled romance was out this world learn learn from that Anabel could if I studied her for seventy five years <unk> hot sauce. I think it's always on my regrets that I never wrote to our contact. Sharon said <unk> great joke she was doing. I think it's now it's any this digital digital age where people do right you and say you know I'm ready enjoying this because that's what makes writing worthwhile knowing that people are enjoying walk. You'll doing economies over the people at the time you don't try but it's it's great half out fade back. Diana nobleman was this was right. Now I tend to read short stories Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine ellery Queen Stephen King said Valerie Queen Queen of the best mystery magazine Ball Numb so you know just going to not hit miss good enough for me. It's great is we asked added to them to come to the inbound time together so just circling around looking back or very substantial rights in Korea at the stage if you would do it again. What would you change? If anything on wouldn't <hes> bounce purely. I'm not it's perfect. It isn't announcing made mistakes I have but it's like Rubik's cube. If you change one thing you've changed the whole nature enshrouded Patriot changes everything slides out of sync and I've just think while I K- that was a mistake learn from it move on as you know deal saying if full one new families moving forward side I I just look at it. They won't make mistakes tomorrow. It's great. What could you think of one thing that you would categorize now as a mistake in quotes I mean that does that are the phrase that the business people use about failing upwards so it's failures necessarily bad at all if you learn from it? Could you stick one. Listen awesome that you would not prevail not to repeat <hes> as I say I I can't think of anything offhand. That's not being over confident confident over <unk> sharing. It's just that you know bad things you just forget about bury them as the same move on their it must be things up <unk> three in the morning thank. Tom told her about soon so but I can't think of it now that actually probably say something about resilience to just pick yourself up dust yourself although us may to attain on Omni Channel Tomato Taste <hes> tomorrow it'll be fine. Hunanese life does go on yes so what's next for Maryland the rise of what are you working on narrowband any new projects will I say the second book is due out any minute now so so I'm not on the cloaks taking put it that way to to wrap up book number three and then move won't put number fool you know you can't just capable the same railway tracks because you lose focus and I'm not will be too short stories again. A festival <unk> you know get rid of Mr told a mentioned this earlier the point of no return the point of no return is is is nagging away inside. It needs to be written <hes>. I'm also got another couple of short. Stories are blamed away so I'd like to do that. And of course we're traveling as usual so yeah. This is quite low going on nothing disparately specific other who've been just Claudia series near just demands attention the judge Julius S and his book three got a title. Yes <hes> yes but I don't know whether it's going to be a worth with this is the working title is bad blood. Bad Blood is is where I'm going with it because in some titles this wonderful. It sounds like you really welcome interaction should with your rate on today's. You've mentioned that it's easier to do these days where can redefine to online and how do you prefer to interact with them. I I am a I'm quite active <unk> Hawaii. I'm quite active on facebook and I do interact with fans on their. It's great right. It is absolutely great such a good bunch of a ball. <hes> is terrific yeah. I'm on through the website. People can contact okay through the website. I think there's something more remediation about facebook. Because you know you you just call manned. It's bright element and I guess yes when you first started up facebook wouldn't if they nearly as much of a a medium as it has now. I'm probably was going but but not really quite as active as it would've been now. You would have seen that change in the way that people can reach out here. I don't think can tell Sonny relatively recently lies in Seoul the pulling bovine spoke. I thought you know if you WANNA keep in touch with your friends. You keep in touch with your friends but now friends takes on a different meaning hang on it's amazing how many friends you might not just the numbers you know so incensed five thousand friends but you do have really good friends that is a ham slip knows like there's a handful in life and who are just terrific you know POPs the handfuls a bit bigger on facebook but it's a little community and they interact with each other as well amazing i. I think it's just tremendous industry every building. One of the publishing gurus has got the spray super fans that I'm rightists can attract. They stay super fans in a way I use. You're talking about your super pains the one who wants to read everything you write. Actually I guess yes I think of the assume <unk> advise because I'm not actually I do think of them as friends because they're all yeah they do want to read everything you write in more but <hes> they're interested because they've connected. I think it works his way. I'm you know would find him all that well unhappy at the end ups and downs taking care of you know I care about them. Put it that way do they give you suggestions ace just for who they like you to write about Nick store or make suggestions for how the export might go there. I don't get involved in that. The Mon- my imagination is good enough to content any way this. It's you know quite often people say he's a good idea for a the story think no not really this this evening. I won't <unk> any input in his about hundred billion dollars because are funded to eternity. I've never ride with a mole. Oh that's wonderful Maryland will look at speak great having a chance to talk really has and I look forward to the coming. Make Julia books with Great Anticipation Phone Kid. Thank you very much. Thank you for having me as they say uncle to get back to my moustache champ minds. That's lovely thank you..

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