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Friday everybody less than two weeks until the start of the season I've got my oversized. Beckham. Jersey on Jamie I'm to rock and roll man I'm ready for football. I've got the Danny Canals Jersey hanging behind me in our officers. So yeah, it's a giant show. Oh Yeah. No, it is a giant show. We have important questions to answer. You just spoke to a bears beat writer Adam John's he gave you some interesting insight. So we'll talk about that. They got a great quote about Blake. Darwin from Jerry Jones who typically is not you know full of hyperbole right? But no, he he had some great things about Blake Darwin I WANNA know who's rising in the rankings basically we're preparing people for a weekend of drafting if you are drafting, we've got why I've got I think five draft tips how many did you come up with Jamie? Well you tell me come up with five which. I will make up on the run. I don't think I told you to come up with five. Did I. I love the. Four, five, four or five Oh this machine here. That says, Adam as. I said four or five Elo today we are going to do we draft you sent me this at eight thirty as I'm leaving the house. I didn't have a lot of time to think about. Four or five. People as they enter their drafts. Yeah. Okay. So we've got up to ten draft tips for you. Get. One Draft. At least two software why don't you Sunday? You still. People's draft status draft number one that is so bad. Let's let me get like the trending players that are either moving up or moving down for you right now last week we talked Damien Harrison Bryce love There are any other players right now that you WANNA spotlight don't don't look at ADP it's outdated these guys are higher or lower. Well I'll start with Bryce love because there's report from a guy that I trust it works for the Athletes Ben Stanbic he's played in some fancy leagues with me before he's. A season fantasy player. He says that it's not a lock that Bryce love will be on the active roster every week if they only carry three running backs because they'll go with Peterson, the goal Gibson in the goes jd mckissick over Bryce love, which is a little bit surprised to read that. So he's probably somebody that has to be trending down One guy that I'm very excited about I've said this time and time again but the reporters continue to glowing is Joshua Kelly you know he's the guy that I don't want to say that I plant my flag with him but he's somebody that I'm going to have a Lotta shares off I. Already have a lot of shares of him loud drafts coming up over the next two weeks and anybody that asked me, who's the sleeper guy that you are highly recommending this is the one because I do think he's going to be the backup to US nickel or the second guy to us neck ler and. He may not have the job over Justin. Jackson now he will have the dob over Justin Jackson by the end of the season. This is the guy that I want on all of my fantasy teams. So would you take Josh Kelley ahead of Bryce love I haven't okay. Would you take Josh Kelley head of Chase Edmunds. See. So that's the the interesting part of it. That's where you have to play the draft. So as the hype continues, maybe you have to take Josh Kelley headed Jason's I haven't had to do that yet. So if it comes down to those are the only two running backs available. Then, I'll probably take Josh Kelley over Jason, but you know if chase Edmunds becomes the guy for the Arizona. Backfield, he's probably going to be better than Josh Kelley unless neck alerts. So. I, guess, do you have any anyone else by the way anyone else you WanNa talk about before we move on. Risers. Risers followers or or you know what? Also players that you find yourself drafting a lot. Yeah I think I'm gonNA write this kind of my guys column. Next week and you know so be a lot of will fuller Murky Brown. Dj Charq there, three times. I. Had a a buddy at my eight year olds baseball practice and he had a salary cap draft on Thursday night and he said you know who are some guys that I should be looking at tight end is if I miss and there's three I say all the time you mentioned one. Blake. Jar, when you know I've talked about him a lot Chris Herndon is the other one and then Mike, is those are three guys that if I don't get one of the titans that I like in, there's eight like I've dropped gronk out of the top twelve Not Taking Austin Hooper. I'm not taking Jared Cook guys there typically drafted as top twelve guys I take one of those three almost every time in fact, get to why not fan in that group for he's he's in that group Yes but I'm just saying like for me. The three that I target are those three Fanton Hopkinson Jonah Smith are also in that group for short hundred percent those three guys I think all six of those guys. It wouldn't surprise me if three or four of them freak out they all could be terrible. Because from what we saw a year ago you know her not playing Darwin maybe he's not. Even, going to fill the whistle, but I think he just see paths for all of them. You know I think fan benefits with gauge a handler banged up I think Hopkinson We had daybreak head of the. Not, the ethic, the Detroit Free Press accuse me on HQ this week and he said Hopkinson. Despite the ankle injury he sat he's like that was a red flag for him but he said you watch him play and he's looking great I moved him up my ranking All those guys are in that ten to fifteen range for me and to be honest I would take all the Mobile Bronco. Okay and this is what Jerry Jones said about Blake. Darwin. is getting to spread his wings now whether it's coach McCarthy the offensive staff, his teammates he keeps showing up out there he's just he's really coming into his own and nothing would surprise me with him in terms of what production could be this year. He just keeps getting better his report with Dacca's outstanding and I really think that he's got a chance to step right in there. It'd be really good if not great tight end for us, Jerry. Jones on Blake Darwin I give you one more real quick just because people goes on HQ with us on Thursday in. recapping I highly recommend if you could find the segment, you just check it out on on demand for our to. So. Pete usually goes there every every easy goes to about fifteen or sixteen. Different stops in training camp and that's been changed because of the pandemic but he's still on the phone with guys that he trust and and and players GM's etc. it was just a great conversation and not about big name guys one in particular Thomas and he spoke to some people in. South. Carolina. He said same thing with Jerry. Jones. Just said he just keeps making place and you look at this offense in his Pete said I think we can all agree bad defense going to be throwing a lot referred. You know Bannon and he's talked about the projections for Teddy Bridgewater in with the anticipation is of how much those guys are GonNa Throw.

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