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Chance to close a couple of games last year to play at six different positions last season, including the left center and right field. Second base shortstop and third base. Posting at nine seventy seven fielding percentage utility player number twenty eight Leary Garcia. Valuable guy on the club play so many positions. So well. You want him to be a little bit more consistent. Sometimes they hitting the Mace running. All the talent or Google. Lavas robbing opponents of home runs center fielder. Never fifteen at angle. Leapt over the wall made another amazing catch. Curtin? They walked out of you just jumped over it. Anime guy report. Good, dude. He led the team in home runs last season with twenty seven and was second RV is was sixty seven outfielder number eighteen Danielle talk. I'm really interested to see. Duplicate what he did last year is gonna be adjustments made by pitchers. Getting for the same type of slugging. He did last year. Kind of a cult hero walking out of people give it Balka. So now entering. Leftfielder Nikki del Monaco. Injury plagued year last year for Nikki wanna root for me does everything right? Seen him. Clutch hits still outfielder. I wasn't a physician came up with started thirty two games. A all White Sox starters with an ER a three point nine one number forty Reynaldo. Lopez. Other guy. Can't he gets even better than last year? You would think he would. But he was pretty consistent all year long stuff along. So there's no question. To be consistent every single time. Six years right hander started thirty two games last year and led the team in wins. Number twenty seven. Lucas cheerleader. Consistency. Now, some pictures they saw the limit the first. They wanna see Alito faster second Apple's way better than his first. Lucas. Julia was a guy that works out to the team with a career high. Eighty three Harvey is last season first baseman number seventeen yonder Alonzo. So the White Sox to a member of the White Sox. And I'm really interested to see the split ends up happening between him and Jose at radio at first base. That'll be. Regular led the team last season in games. Played with one hundred and fifty five at bats with six hundred hits with one hundred forty five and triples with Pam number five over Sanchis. Y'all were said the only White Sox player I ever saw get into a duffel bag. Gatorade zone. You gotta love the energy who valuable guiding right hander started four games in two thousand eighteen striking out fifteen batters in fourteen innings number thirty four buckled Topac. Michael Kolpak will also be joining us. White Sox weekly starts at seven o'clock tonight right here on seven twenty WGN. He's always good to talk to. And I can't wait to talk about what's been going on in his life last year. He played it all but thirteen games leading the team in walks and ranking second in runs scored second baseman number ten yawn. One. Here we go. Yo, yo. Strikeouts. And just. Uptick out the overall production. It's gonna be huge year highly motivated this speedy and led the team and stolen base last season. With twenty six and finished with twenty home runs. Twenty eight doubles shortstop number seven, Tim Anderson. The winner in Chicago building up that brand give it back to the community. Very much wants to be a big part of the city. Solid numbers for shorts for this coming off his second all star, selection and second silver slugger award. Never Seventy-nine Jose up Breyer..

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