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Ease up on how horrible! Point on the panel. Perhaps pathetically guessing something on those lines are. Good Point. Yes, we should see what the Jimmy! What's Your Guess Cabinet sitting here rethinking. I was GONNA say okay, so it's got to be Acapella so that that that eliminates. Guests right up the back so? I'm thinking Acapella I'm thinking. A that might have been redone in the nineties so I'm don't worry. Be Happy. That was what I guess good. Good answer. To Cross it out. Because I changed my mind. deluca I was so excited. I thought of Luca, but don't worry. Be Happy with my. That was my first gut. Ask question what what was it about Luca? That made you come to the conclusion that it was in fact an Capelle soft. It's not so horrible. Just I think also in your head you. You knew that it was Suzanne Vega like or if we're right. Maybe we're not right, but if you were thinking of Tom's diner, but you couldn't pull it one hundred percents. I did the same thing I was like I knew it was vague and I was like what's the song? It's not, but it's not Luca because that's not acapella, but I couldn't think of the name. All right well. Let's find out here we go. Are we ready me? Forty do a remix of. Forty, two red red wine wrote I crossed that up to it might be could. Here we go. I will tell you this. We got winter. Oh, we gotTA WINTER A boy. And the the band DNA took Suzanne Vega's voice. And added their beats originally without permission, however Vega much letter much later said she loves it her voice track. Boy, again my son's head or any the voice track. Castle that can't be right very very. First Song covered to MP three, which is how the band did it, and the answer is Tom's diner. That isn't that I'm all right, so you guys each get to fifty. Isn't that exciting? Point value, but that's the point value polity. My. points, what are we all bear? And what would you go with I with fifteen? Nice I went to that it matters. Seventeen. It doesn't matter Kevin. What'd you go with? I bet the phone I. saw like Oh you now you now another twenty thousand dollars she. That was off the air. Matt. What did you bet? It hurts to say it, but I said twenty. Garin, it doesn't hurt you at all. I you know what you're doing. The switch it up I wanted a full. You guys and I'm thinking I low. That means Matt Win that.

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