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The royal wedding dress tradition prince harry will be in his military garb course prince albert started this trend in eighteen forty it did prince albert do you think he did he pierce his weiner got it from where we got it from prince albert i'm like what did he do that we need to look that up nate riley painful anyway so prince harry will have his military uniform on neutral nail polish only oh out fancy manicures for megan wow natural looking nails at all official royal events no wedges the queen hates wedges and you will not be allowed to wear wedges i love my can't wear them to the royal wedding dammit nude tights must be worn no bare legs no colored tights available i mean are allowed queen always wears where's new titans she expects you to do the same him so you go finding out about the prince albert everyone's not looking at it i'll think about poor jon hamm i mean think about maybe repairs would you start bringing him up can you can you find another goto person for big winners maybe that pit bull should have done anyway so that's the royal wedding i do want to borrow your for the night you can have it after i'm done which brings me to another wedding conversation and this is a little uncomfortable look you know what i i'm originally from texas and in texas when you get married you register in someplace and you buy a gift usually a piece of china or something for the house it wasn't until i moved to the northeast i learned that will money is accepted and encouraged by a lot of newlyweds that was unusual for me because i'm from you don't do that right in the south as well typically you.

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