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Five years ago today, five police officers were gunned down. By what had to be a deranged, delusional sick individual. Um, and he was eventually killed by the police. And as he tried to escape, uh, you know, as I as I think about this and what we're talking with Michael later on Mike Munna, you know the community support the outpouring of concern. Over over the fallen officers and their families. Um, I know David Prince over Eagle gun range myself have talked about this many times when we're raising money for fallen officers. Um, it was like These police officers lost their lives, Um, protecting Black lives matter. Protest against Police officers shooting black man It was I'm thinking to myself they were doing their duty. They were doing their job. They lost their lives in the community support at the time was overwhelming. Simply overwhelming the type of support that was coming out of not just Dallas, but all over the country and rightfully so. You know, it's too bad. A police officer has to go down in the line of duty, um for people to show their respect and their appreciation and concern and care over these men and women that stand between God Only knows, uh, in us, they don't It's amazing to me what has happened in five years. We went from a city that was embracing our law enforcement. Um you know the back and forth. Between police and civilians, Civilians and police was probably as good as it ever had been. But five short years later. It's a totally different landscape when we come back. You may remember Jay Howell. He's the former W B A P correspondent. He was live on the scene is the shooting was going on. He's no longer in Dallas ease and in Idaho, but we're going to talk with him in his perspective. Next on the WB 80 Thursday morning news we'll look at the first day of the special session in the Texas Legislature. That all happens.

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