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I don't think he can be fantasy relevant. I don't. I would rather like if you would rather start this week Mike week one Chad Williams number two in the depth chart. Would you rather start Chad Williams or Ricky seals Jones? Oh, that's an interesting question. Martin ex-partners tied in flex by like how. How confident and this goes for you to Jason. You can feel confident answering this one. Would you go Chad Williams or rookie seals Jones with? I think I would go Chad Williams man Washington's close though. Right? Yeah, very close, very close. It's it's it's a matter and that's the problem I have. Both guys are touchdown, target type of guys. All right. The Jags of listed Keelan coal and Dante Moncrieff as the starters on their week, one depth chart. This is a look. This is obviously an endorsement Keelan coal. He's been running with the ones Dante. Moncrieff had slipped in the depth chart, but had a very good final preseason performance. Any thoughts here keeling Kohl's the Jaguars wide receiver. I want still agreed Moncrieff in west Di. DD is going to be fine too. I mean, he's in the slot. It's, you know, I, I don't. I don't worry about the three of them I think are going to kind of take turns this whole season, especially now with news coming out the awesome sphere. Jenkins is dealing with a core injury. He did not practice, really. I miss that. Yeah, we'll have. We'll have to see because he has such a great matchup week one against he does Ryan's. Trending up for Keelan. Coal. Yeah, I, I agree. Keelan coal is the guy would want Evan Ingram cleared the concussion protocol. He is expected to play in week one against the Jags. You bought the dip, Jay Gruden talking about Chris Thompson looking, fantastic ready to go for week one. I think Thomson and we brought it up a couple of weeks ago. I, I'm very high on Chris Thompson this year. I think his opportunity the value represented in drafts. Nobody wanted to touch him. He made a comment about not feeling hundred percent yet, but all the coaches talk about how good he looks in camp and he doesn't have much head of him in terms of. Over. Players, so no one else on that roster's running back positions pass catcher. Exactly. I think Thompson has a good opportunity. Devante Parker is not gonna play week one bide receiver for the Miami Dolphins. Who do you start in? Is it Kenny stills? Yes. Danny amendola and Kenny stills? For me. I mean, Kenny stills. Are your own out or Hong on Miami didn't say, who's the best. Oh, okay. The start one. On if I knew would start to Miami whiteouts. I am willing to one both of those guys. What does that mean in as a wide receiver one or two? No. I mean, this is this is pretty simple. Right? I'm saying that both of those guys are started -able players in fantasy football for week one. Now, if I were to rank them, I would have Kenny stills ahead of Danny amendola. Here we go. We got there. We got and of it. Was that confusing? Well, I didn't think it was that views. I think we what we were looking for though is win. Devante Parker goes out. We're asking who steps into opportunity specifically, and that is my answer. I believe both of those guys get a bump. I mean, it's not going to be all of the targets that were going to go to Parker, go stills, Josh Gordon week one, Kenny stills. Ooh. Probably stills you just it. It's hard to start, Josh Gordon right now. You just have no idea. No idea. Kenny stills? Juju Smith Schuster juju do Kenny stills? Michael Crabtree. Very, very close. That one's tough. It's just a matter of what you believe is Crabtree still got does he? I think he does. But Alex Collins is one of my favorite plays this week. Danny amendola, Robert woods. Amendola. Yeah, Dan Madala, Jamison Crowder against dole. Crowder, right? Without further ado, let's get in the mail bag. Mailbag. All right. If you have a question, go to the website, the fancy footballers dot com. Check out. The new start. Sit tool is pretty fun. It only answer a lot of those tough questions. We'll answer a few on the show today. You can dollar voicemail hotline, three zero two, four, six, four t..

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