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Morning. I'm Chris Trunk Man. Our top story at 11 o'clock pills. Ro School board members received grim news about the budget Superintendent Edison Davis says the loss of more than 4000 students means the state could ask for a CZ Muchas $56 million back next year. That could mean layoffs. We have got to figure out how we can continue to hold Individuals harmless in this process, But when 80 plus percent of your budget is, you know, linked to individuals is very difficult. News administrators say short balls at up to around 128 million Police in Lakeland have arrested a 22 year old man in connection with the shooting death of his pregnant girlfriend back in July. Akari more is facing murder charges in the killing of 25 year old Jeannie Dominguez. Very trying cases you might imagine. The family that went through this investigation or tirelessly to try to bring this case to some closure forthe family police chief Ruben Garcia says when the shooting took place where three kids all under the age of eight were there when it happened. Police say she was 5 to 7 months pregnant when she was shot. He was illegally importing exotic water monitor lizards into Florida. Now a Pasco County man's been sentenced to probation and house arrest. 44 year old Akbar Akram pleaded guilty back in January, admitting he brought in at least 20 live. Monitor lizards back in 2016. To avoid detection. The lizards were placed in socks, sealed with tape and concealed in the back panels of audio speakers and other electronic equipment and shipped to an associate in Massachusetts. Prosecutors say the lizards had a retail value of about $2500 each. Said to be valued.

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