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Hey there i'm kevin daisy and i'm eric olson. You're listening to the managing partners. Podcast where we interview tob lawyers about how they're growing their firms. All right we're live today. Rely on lincoln lob on youtube. Welcome to another episode of the managers. Podcast today have a special guest mark. Webber mark thanks so much for coming on with us on your all the way in california silicon valley a believe. That's right good to be here kevin. Thanks for the invitation. Yes sir so. I've looked into you of course a little bit and looked at your firm and your background opposite before inviting you on the show here and really cool background a little bit different and something. I is probably going to be huge if not already but More in the future too so a little bit of background about yourself. A little bit personal. You know where you're from. Maybe where you end up where you are and then we'll get into some business questions about the firm and and take it from there. Yeah thanks very much. Say yeah i am the at. Us managing partner fulfilled fisher slightly strange background as you say because i've managed to end up in california in the silicon valley as a technology and privacy lawyer practicing you you're paying law of the us lawyer. Although i spend my life here as part of as part of a firm say yeah quite a distinct backgrounds rating kevin because of that. I think some of that day's down to timing like qualified as a lawyer in one thousand nine having trained for two years with a business in europe photos won't clock and at that point it was. Don't come and as a genius lawyer. Many technology noise out have better contract. And i knew but if i pay so i just got thrown into the dot com. Don't come clapsed at the firm os without an office in silicon valley which they don't condone two thousand seven not really knowing what to do with me. They sent me out to silicon valley. And i had three and a half years out pair on the west coast Love de when. I'm spending another ten years or so in london at practicing prompt me a enterprise. Software outsourcing increasingly cloud any mass. But at at that point Had made partner and go to buy failed fisher who will say starting to build the offices. i guess that was the end of teeth thousand thirteen saying hey you wanna come join us to silicon valley in outpost growl office. It was one of those office. He didn't get many times. Gonna be by south my family from london. The us done it before left. It say may seven and a half years later still head so His very different kevin in some ways. Yeah not that. I actually practicing california as a foreign legal consultant for the cowboys to practice by law from the uk and europe. A dabbling with us stuff..

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