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The biggest. so glad you could join us on a Monday ever get a pretty little skews me Monday Night Football. we'll be getting all that but I want to start. we're talking about. a dangerous precedents in the NFL and in sports well. you want to talk about disgusting embarrassing no I'm not talking about the one of the loss we talked about that. I'm talking about the Miami Dolphins they lost to the Baltimore Ravens yesterday they lost badly fifty nine to ten an NFL team I don't care who you are when you lose fifty nine out and that is an embarrassment must I check the Baltimore Ravens are decent football team but they're not the patriots are not the patriots so after this blowout loss according to reports. and reports that are usually pretty on top of Mike Florio does a great job covering the dolphins he said multiple dolphins players have contacted their agents after Sunday's season opening blowout loss and directed them to attempt to engineer trades elsewhere and apparently that is multiplying now there's not only several players but other players now have done the same now look we don't know what's happening behind closed doors right we don't know the situation there with the coaching staff management but what we do know is I do find it interesting that it happens after this fifty nine to ten loss when you guys make of this. unbelievable the fact that an NFL team would even think as some players on a building that they go down this road where's the ownership right and I don't mean ownership is in the owners of the pay out where's the ownership of the players of your team you can go into the dog days of summer for August and training camp you try you ready for the season you try to you know you can go out there and you just absolutely lay an egg against the Baltimore Ravens and this is your response this is Brian a JD is the worst of occasions aside and by the way where you give trophies to everybody okay as kids and this is kind of the impact of it you thinking is bail out this is where college kids you wanna transfer four times because they have a you know a position battle against somebody and they lose it so they want to say all you know I'm gonna go to another school or I have a better chance to play this is ridiculous to think that NFL players where's your professionalism you're an NFL player only as as players and as a team and just because you get whacked on a given Sunday you're gonna you're gonna have a mass exodus of players asking to get weighed to me it's absolutely preposterous and it's it has no place whatsoever in the NFL and by the way according to pro football talk's Mike Florio he also added that some of the players are saying that the coaches aren't serious about competing and winning and by all appearances have bought into the notion that the dolphins will take their lumps now in the hopes of laying the foundation via high draft picks for building six successful team later would you guys make about well that yeah a lot of teams and it stems Abascal all the time it apparently the dolphins are doing that for the number thirty the draft will probably to attack by a lower from the universe of Alabama but I can I can guarantee this Brian despite the fact that the dolphins have been discussing tanking in and then they basically scud missile their entire seems that's clearly what's going on that being said of Antonio brown didn't act a fool the last two months and get rewarded for it this would leave me a conversation I don't think it's the players doing this right now right now players believe because of the slippery slope here that if they just make and make make more less and. NASA themselves disrupt ownership disrupt the team to strip the chemistry of what's going on they can talk to their agent they can they can get advice for somebody else and they can go wherever they want and that's why I think that the center of restitution could be one of the worst things happen in a phone a long long time worse than the Kong capric thing because what happens if a couple players reach out to their agents say the knock that we're one of the news gets out the players reached out to rage is that they're not trying to get that that that they want to leave the team. think of a gambling perspective. I wouldn't bet against that team in a sport like the NFL in sport like football in place again if all knowing that they're not even trying that that they don't they don't want to be there they're not gonna make a conscious effort where they could really injure themselves if they don't want to be somewhere. and so that's why I think in a Tony brown nieces be suspended for the rest of the year he this this said this situation where he did what he did to to Jon Gruden to Mike mac the city to the to the city of not just ocal billable but also Las Vegas and then he gets rewarded by going to argue with the best franchise in professional sports with the best quarterback in the history of the NFL which can be debated at this point. I want to sound overly how many players are going to look at that and say well I could do that too and that's and that's where we're at right now with this after this situation so yeah Antonio brown the fact is in the pages complete job despite the fact that they don't need him. he should be reprimanded in the worst way not a not a lifetime ban but a one year suspension to the people know that you can't just do this your honor your honor that a full team you can't just go to a different team whatever you want to buy acting ridiculous and embarrassing the team. in the process and right now players actually think that they can do that and look I want to sound like the old bitter get off my lawn guy okay that was born back in nineteen fifty or something but I is there any is there something to this guide you think there is something to the mentality of the young athletes these days I just brought up about the college kids want to transfer because they you know because they get beat out of position you know the all this talk about you know participation trophies for youngsters out there for everybody no matter whether or not you win or lose and now you've got NFL players in mass exodus trying to get released or cut or or or you know basically leave the team because you get destroyed in week one to me it's it's I think it's an overall mentality that is just is just sad well it's easy and it's not about that it's what I've done for me lately it's hedonism its social media it's all these different things hi good how it could have such a bad effect on gambling on sports betting if these players are trying to leave these teams are there just left totally decimated you can't even put lines out for games like that I agree with both you guys it's that's certainly a dangerous precedent land of sports the brand of the NFL just goes down the tubes and the ratings and Curtis professional sport betting in seventy more states the ratings will absolutely follow because no one wants to watch that crap and give me a break it's not like you're digging ditches out there okay you're playing for the NFL you're in the best football if you play in my in South. not rough hearing great weather if you're sick there's twenty one around you. you're making at minimum a half a million dollars a year you're getting fifty grand a week to play football and you may and whether you play well or not you're still getting paid by the way I'm sorry no you're the top one percent on Sunday and talk about the top was eight point zero zero one percent out of the entire world yeah the way on a side note you know and not necessarily to change the subject to stick on Miami first second I made a half court shot at a U. Conn Huskies basketball game when I was fifteen years old I one round trip and airfare to Miami I stayed at a hotel with a friend of mine when I was sixteen years old and I was admitted into a strip club not to be confused with deja vu adult emporium but it was called deja vu is a strip club in Miami they let me in there when I was sixteen years old where I received my first lap dance from a half naked woman I just thought it was very important that I share that on the radio so I do have some very very important ties to Miami but I do agree Miami is a great place to live. lane in buffalo or Detroit city I mean you're. so it's got to be a great place to live right but anyway I want to move on to week one of the NFL and surprises and disappointments so I want to talk briefly about the game last night doing one and and and Steelers we touched on it a little bit but still eserver young team they're just not a very good football team I think Ben Roethlisberger this very well could be his last year and I've never been a big Mike Tomlin fan don't think he's a great coach he wins not a great coach. knowing when just tore them to shreds Pittsburgh unable to score a touchdown we were able to get was a feel good only as you guys this question I think Tom was just a horrible horrible coach here's what your down seventeen zero you have the ball at the one yard line fourth in one you decide to kick a field goal what kind of decision is that and I'm not saying the game what a change I'm not saying even the complexion of the game changes why would you try to kick a field goal there when you're down seventeen zero nothing is going your way and Thomas says let's just get three on the board I thought that was a really bizarre we are decision almost like raising the white flag saying I give up. did make a whole lot of sense to say the least when you know you're going from being down three scores right to being down two scores I don't understand I really know at that latest juncture in the game but I would call my Tom a horrible coach does a Superbowl ring in in his established a you know a pretty quality climate there in Pittsburgh with that's dealer organization but that being said yes Sir I was surprised at how easily the patriots handle the Steelers last night given you know all the the hullabaloo that as around in this team the last twenty four hours in a close member of the first touchdown of the game Josh Gordon catch the ball for the fifteen yard line breaks three tackles from quarterbacks and easily scores. dont Donte Moncrief dropped what three or four passes house in the NFL the guys hands like bricks and stuff on Gilmore the deferred to back for the patriots is by far the best defensive back in the game he just shut down to use misuse or like nothing was even a conversation of course James Connor was average the thing with pages there just ridiculous if you're a Lawrence guy on draft free agent deedrick wise fourth round pick up the the trademark about Danny Shelton was a top five pick for the Browns for seven Dick four years ago has an average career that doesn't doesn't do were all patriots pick him up now is a monster it doesn't matter who they have their personal means nothing it's all about Belichick has he has specific things that each position needs like rex briquette Rexburg Indiana for seven one forty I saw that I know what you're gonna come by and he ran a six eight five shuttle if you were in the top top two or top three shuttle and cone hit a thirty nine and a half inch vertical attend put five broad jump.

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