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Eight four zero one thousand star one thousand and on the way, we're going to talk more about the state of the state, and how the governor laid it all out today, but we need to catch up a little bit and talk about the game last night the big game, Cheryl. What did you think? Well, I thought it was rather boring until the fourth quarter. I only saw about seven minutes of that. I got on the road. My husband, and I decided to leave our kids house early because we we wanted to beat the traffic and you turn on the game on serious. Listen to it. I said boy, I tell you what they need right now is to intercept the ball and then right band. They did. Yeah. Pretty exciting. The halftime show. It is what it is. I'm not into that kind of really can't judge. But I knew I did recognize a couple of the songs that are thought that the drone light show was amazing. That was pretty cool. And that was during while they were doing the number while they were singing those key words up through that were popping up through the through the number pre asking the message of the music. Yeah. It was it was really cool. I think it was a little sexist though, Cheryl. Because because what's his face? I mean, he he went around no shirt on. I wouldn't let Jesse Jackson do that. Yeah. Right. It's kinda funny. 'cause I said the same thing last night. I was like, oh, yeah. Well, and he's got a nice body. But all those cats kinda ruined it for me. I think that's what he was trying to show off. He had a new tat. I lay. I did have a comment about the black faced Virginia governor. They were asking what we thought about that. Yeah. After what he said about after birth abortion, which to me, it's not even abortion at that point. It's it's flat out murder. But I just I think he ought to be beaten till he's black and blue personally. Well, you know here is here are. First of all he's being held to the same standard. I just don't think we need to start going back that far into people's pasts. We those of us on the right were outraged that they did that with Cavanaugh. And that they were using something that he did in college to try to keep it to make him seem seem in high school. To try to end some college to keep him to make him appear to be unsuitable. I I don't think we need to go back and do that. And I felt that way about Kevin. I kind of feel that way about the Northam GOP governor Northam. There's a there's a picture floating around today, Hillary Clinton and black face for heaven's sakes. And we talked about this Friday. Billy crystal does a spot on Sammy Davis junior impersonation and back in his days as a Saturday Night Live person he would get dark makeup on and do a Sammy Davis junior impersonation. Now is that racist? No. I don't think it is. If anything it was it was an Amish to Sammy Davis junior. It's getting to the point. And you know, what else he did? He did a very good impersonation of Muhammed Ali. I don't ever remember him doing it in black face. But we're I again, I say we need to take our sensitivity meters. And when you click them down a few clicks, we're just getting way too sensitive as a nation. And a lot of it has to do with taking things like this out of context, splashing them all over social media and making them seem like something they are not. So I think the same standard that applies to Cavanaugh should apply to governor Northam. What do you think? Eight four hundred thousand starlet thousand on NewsRadio one thousand Katie. Okay. In the newsroom Beth Myers. It was an enthusiastic speech earlier today. Wasn't it? Exactly. Kevin stead governor Kevin stead addressing a joint session of the legislature for the very first time. I'm Beth Myers and the NewsRadio one thousand Katie. Okay. News center.

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