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I'll give you the lyrics to a country song inside the lyrics references another artist you have to fill in the blank so for example jason aldean dr dr road anthem yeah chilling under road laidback swerve and like i'm on oh george john that would have been the answer for number one thanks for lacking george still got it yeah amy you're at first the song is luke bryan that's my kinda night the song goes like this put in my country rock hip hop mix tape little conway a little blank might just make it rain put in my country right mix tape a little conway little just my make it rain twenty no two different artists our country conway t there you go holiday jam no point for you lunch boxes i'm ready darius rucker all right all right all right don't need no five star reservations i've got spaghetti and cheap bottle of wine don't need no concert in the city i got a stereo and the best of blank hake well pike hey says hank because you're rhyming get a stereo in the best of your arriving what no domini no concert in the city i got a stereo and the best of class silence with patsy kline vodka wine does though wine client stereo hang either eddie sorry guys y'all gonna lose this one you went bet yep just as you're you may have one point to this round that's okay okay ready eddie yakim ready tim mcgraw truck yeah.

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