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Doink. I don't know how his team doink without doink the clown. Well. Try to see if that makes it both guy wrong. Hold on, first of all, the Ascension, The Miz started us and bodalla was a team called cosmic Ascension or something like that. Ascension was the team was stardust in the Ascension. So they had their home. They're $1. That's when Cody Rhodes was like, get the fuck out of here. Yeah, when The Rock debuted, he was a sole survivor of this team with Jake Roberts, Mark murrow, the stalker, the stock who was buried when to repackage for the tenth time. Oh my God. And The Rock. All right. Yokozuna go does Vader and Jimmy snuka never existed. I just do that together. But they all existed during that time. Okay. Okay. Here is the team doing. Oh my God. God. And that's been on a mission. Oh, dear lord, oh, they're in masks. They're not face painted, right? What? That's face paint. Into the mask is around it. That's awesome looking for why, I need context. You can't get me. What survivor sees? We might have to recap this survival. Just this match. Yeah. Look. Oh, they were up against bam bam Bigelow at his team. So they lost I assume. They swept the other team. The power of clown power. And just like, never mind. We already watched raw and SmackDown this week. Come on. Bastard booger, and then the old Usos, the head stringers. Oh wow. That's the four doinks. No, I'm sorry. That was a different one. That was a doink, actually. There were four different doinks, but doink was a part of that one. Anyway, God. Good. All right, fan questions. All right. Jake baker, push fire, Barry, watching raw live, Hulu 90 minute version. Skipping it all together and listening to what's wrong with wrestling, well that's easy. Push that, of course. Fire watching life of course. And Barry 90 minutes. That was too easy. Steven Coachella ski. What is the one change you would make to AW roster to the AW roster to make the product better? Jason dearen says Kevin Steen, that's not bad. Bottom right? Bottom right? We're going to find out. In February. Make kodiak heel. Right? I'm here with mania being in Texas. Is there a chance to take your shows up, choke slam someone without taking off his coat, pinning them and leaving? Of course. Probably. I wouldn't say pinning him, but he could come out and choke. He did that the styles in Saudi mania. Yeah. Mike Kay, WrestleMania dream matches, push fire Barry. Jim cornette versus Vince Russo in three stages of hell, tuxedo match street fight, buried alive match. That's one choice. Okay. Triple H, 2006 mustache versus Kenny Omega mustache. Is it just their mustaches? Right. Was it them with that facial hair? All right. And then I for an eye Vader versus Rey Mysterio. Wow. I would do it in reverse order, fire, Barry, and push. Did Vader have one eye? Well, I think, obviously, yeah, yeah, yeah, remember the eye popped out thing. Vader's eye popped out in a match. No. Yes, I don't remember that. His eye like for real? Yes. Like for real for real. Yeah, yeah, his eyes. I would pop out all the time. WWE. Like he would have to push it back in. Yeah, there's God. I don't know if there's this video of it. Yeah, yeah, look. It's just like, well, that's like, when it got hit, Jesus. Oh, and then look, he made fun of it when he got into the Hall of Fame. I would push cornett and Russo. So gross. I would totally push towards two non wrestlers. Yeah. Oh yeah. In a real mat, a real fight. Coronet's leg, I hope Vince Russo dies before me so I can piss on his fucking breath. Yeah. They hate each other. Sure. Send omega Triple H and then Vader Mysterio. Zaheen ramen, you said you'd stop reviewing NXT if Braun breaker wins the NXT title. What is it gonna take to stop reviewing raw? Wow, this is the podcast unfortunately. Braun breaker winning the title. I was weighing us winning the lotto. It would take Hollywood hogwash getting a 100,000 downloads for episode. There you go. There's an answer. And that's Chris Chubb, who is on your Mount Rushmore of wrestlers who never won the main one, and then Cooper the super duper pooper scooper told him to check out the wrestlers who never won the big one bracket, and that's correct. It's on there. Yeah, it's on there. I guess we won't give it away since it's a pay per view, correct. Roll up connoisseur, worst pie face, babyface match endings, being distracted by music, almost running into a female, but stopping or heal manager distraction by yelling from the apron. The worst ones, which is the worst. I think the worse is the music playing. Yeah. Yeah. I don't know, but that's like if music kitchen be like, what was that? But like, I don't know. At least the females like I don't want to hurt you, and then the heel man. But it's like, okay, someone's coming down there, but if they hit me, I win. Right. So true. Fair enough. Jason deering was von Wagner trained by Batista. He's got that drax invisibility trick worked out. Oh, yeah. Steady next to Adam Pearce and Sonya DeVille for that whole segment and they never acknowledged him or even looked at him. Yeah. Where are you? He's standing, so still. Chris dibbern, my hometown angels just got Noah cinder guard. Is that true? Wait, what? Yeah. I didn't even really. Is he actually made of glass like tegan Nox or can we count on him for 30 plus starts? Well, I guess we don't have to I guess we don't have to worry about him not playing anymore. SportsCenter said that he's accepting an offer. I don't know if it's official if anyone knew. I didn't realize the pre agency would start already. I guess they didn't care to keep them. Stone cold savage, you know how edge makes Randy Orton a better wrestler slash storyteller? Why the fuck can't Randy Orton do that for other wrestlers? I can't watch this shit. Well, Randy Orton, it's like when he's on, he's fucking on when he's not terrible. Yeah. Chris not cold with the way WWE is releasing talent. Are they going to have enough people for the rumble? I think they're getting close. Yeah. Getting pretty close. Almost can't wait for that 24 man rumble. Yeah. I shanky. Push fire, watch, while baked, Barry. So push fire watch, Barry, 90 minute concert edition. So heath slater. Jillian hall, ice ice shanky Robert stone singing WWE theme song. Pass. That's very complicated. That's really complicated. Simplify. Your question, please. Max moons over my slam, I don't know slammy. Over my hammy. So Adam Pearce's backstage holding his phone like he forgot to take the hanger out of his suit jacket and ray comes up to him, pierce says you're frustrated. I could see it on your face. Raise mass covers 93%. 93. I like that. Very excited. Right. Cooper, gender and shanky, what the fuck? Who the fuck writes this shit? Then they lock hands, tap each other's heels like grade three schoolgirls doing some bullshit patty cake, what the fuck is this shit? Seems to be a running theme this week. Yeah. Victor Castillo, do you believe that the women's division has lost most of the momentum since the women's revolution began? If so, what moment do you think was the beginning of its downfall? Probably bringing Eva Marie back. Yeah. Letting the Bellas claim responsibility for it. Yeah. Exactly. There you go. That's all for fan questions. So it is time for Survivor Series. Predictions. Predictions. You got 6 matches. Please don't add anymore. Please, this is great. We'll probably add some battle royal for the pre show, but at The Miz will win again. He'll come back. All right, women's Survivor Series match, team raw versus team SmackDown. Okay. Who do you got?.

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