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Of real issues out there the economy but this social issue of sexual misconduct which uh has created a total talk obsession in the country and understandably so it ties into uh all of the other things that we've seen in terms of job protection and uh it's not just the actions on the part of the perpetrators but it is the actions on the part of the big organisations that have made a lot of money because of them so so the guests drift if you and use the word gilded goes way beyond just personal guilt of individuals involved research had you're in california and now southern california right now number nine on the list the sanctuary cities debate and the uh uh the murder case where jose as garcia's at out day was not convicted of murder of kate stanley and trump used this case as less kind of the bases of his immigration argument i n who how do you see this playing out not only in south and southern california in california but in sank he cities around the rest of the country what how do you see it well you know it's look this we've become a sanctuary state in california we're no longer even there is no longer cities were sanctuary state and this debate is going to rage on and on and on uh because of the fact that california is still wide open and they welcome it like you couldn't believe but this was a weird case this this really catapulted trump the started the whole talk of the wall in the whole mind yards really really put him uh you know i think in many ways it was a it that the slingshot that that it put him to the front of the line when it came to the republican candidates there were out there and you know i follow the case i study the case uh i thought reaching for murder was the bit much manslaughter for sure i thought that should have in a slam dunk and it wasn't and it is a very interesting thing here i mean you can one way you could say 'look the system worked because he got a fair trial and but at the other case the other side of it is his cheese dead he pulled.

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