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S bien eight eight eight seven two nine three seven seven six now that was strong forbid rothliseberger it was not nearly as wrong as with ryan clark former steel and on espn nfl analysts had to say about the man behind antonio brown i one hundred percent agree with him antonio has done an extremely good job of tricking people right he know he has that small and we need talks he seems extremely team in oh this is a great team guy and he always shows up the play he didn't hold out in the last year to get his money so he he he's done the very good spin job of having us theme or making people think who don't know him that like it's all about the pittsburgh steelers i'm just a horror worker whose here to win football game nine till you brown loves antonio brown in antonio brown was upset god forbid that a guy that has over ten targets in the first three games of the season is missed one time you've always wanted to go into the locker room right ryan clark puts in that lock did andy he said hey dead dude is agree receiver don't believe the hype don't fall for the banana detailed side i don't know how much of that is true for my clock and i like my clark a lot but for argument's say let's take him at his word let's say mike lacoss only to behave that antonio brown you sued the great smile the great commercials that is not the relay o'neill brown if what he says is to be believed then how much longer are the pittsburgh steelers going wants to deal with this how much longer even with his great gifts at wide receiver how much of that could be a detriment not a positive for antonio brown because i know if i'm on the football field and he pull that caused a he and i might have been rolling round on the floor in the locker room out of lifting him as a do i get it you a wide open i miss do but when you run a bad pattern or the wrong pattern i have not had those kind of history onyx and showing up my teammates ensuing.

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