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Supply was depleted Christmas. You wanna to turn it up a little bit more the kids so excited you wanna keep don't been? And when they have they do other things in life speaking with WFAN TV, Greg. Hudson says he worked for several neighborhood organizations to get this Santa push done eight stops through Dallas Fort Worth and other nearby compete communities. Well, Japan says it's ready to resume commercial whale hunts. Japan says whale populations have recovered enough to begin a new round of commercial whaling, but it's hunts will be limited to its own territorial and economic waters. So the whalers won't venture into the waters around. And Arctic Tokyo is however leaving the International Whaling Commission and defying a moratorium imposed back in the eighties. Japan had switched. In the meantime, to what it called research whaling, which was criticised as a cover for commercial. Hunting since the meat was still sold on the Japanese market on. Jan johnson. Whale meat tastes like. Probably like everything else it tastes like chicken. Like frog legs. I actually saw frog legs for sale at Kroger. The other day in Frisco, I've never seen that before. And they were like from China or something like that. I took a picture of it. I should posted on the David naming Facebook page, and I sent the picture to my kids. And I said, ooh, looks what's liquid is for dinner tonight. And I got a text messages back saying I've actually eaten frog legs. I had them in Bermuda. And they're actually they tasted like chicken. No seriously. They really did. I had escargot as well snails. They're kind of slimy. I wouldn't recommend them. But a lot of people like him. It is coming up on seven thirty five. Let's get an update on traffic. Now, here's Bill Jackson. Six thirty five westbound Jupiter. An accident was cleared out of the way lanes are open. There are still very slow going from old strives, that's recovering yet that the Mixmaster looks like there may be a problem. This is.

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