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Best buy. Let's talk about what's possible. At Prestwick golf club in Scotland a golfer by the name of willy park wins the tournament this week in one thousand nine hundred to the seven iron bowl is played. For Auburn beats Alabama twenty three to nothing in Birmingham today. The Auburn Alabama rivalry has had eighty two meetings and Alabama leads forty five thirty-six with one tie this week in nineteen sixty seven major league baseball is American League votes to allow the athletics to move from Kansas City to Oakland and expand the lead to twelve teams in nineteen seventy one with teams in Kansas City and Seattle this week in one thousand nine seventy four Chicago bull Nate Thurmond becomes the first in the NBA to complete a quadruple double twenty two points, fourteen rebounds, thirteen assists, and twelve blocks this week in one thousand nine hundred seven the first World Series game ever played in a covered stadium. The Hubert h Humphrey Metrodome and also the first World Series in which all games are won by the home team and this week in. Two thousand nine New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady at one of the best games of his career against the titans. Throwing five touchdown passes in the second quarter alone. An NFL record six totally threw in the game and a fifty nine to zero route. That's your iheartradio weekend. Sports time capsule. Thousands of American troops have come home from Iraq and Afghanistan with post traumatic stress and traumatic brain injuries. I don't think anybody who goes into combat could ever honestly say that they're not different when they come home don't brushes aside and don't count as out help the USO support these troops and their families. Hear their stories at USO invisible wounds dot org. The wounds are invisible stories are real news headlines and where Columbus comes to talk. News Radio six ten WTVN. Welcome back. It is the Mark blazer show. So this is one of those lists twenty two things that this controlling woman starts telling her boyfriend that he has banned from doing. So here's you're probably saying first.

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