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I think that's a great statement. And i i encourage and you can read this article. Ron paul institute dot for website. You can read the whole article. What really like. I said in the beginning i want to reiterate because i think it's important he didn't get out there and say here's what you guys need to do to get your freedom about it said. Here's what i'm going to. Here's the powers that i have in this office. And here's what i'm going to do to help things along the rest is up to you and i think that's great and i want to close with a couple of clips if we're ready to go on out and this is just to give another example th i i mean i think pictures worth a thousand words if lockdowns work and we're told biden is considering some kind of lockdown. Let's look at this next clip if we can hear is sydney. Look at that point. This is hospitalizations. Icu on icu. An icu ventilated. That arrow is where they instituted a lock down to the right of the arrow are increases. Hospitalizations the lockdowns obviously have not worked. Well in fact look at the jerusalem post next article. I'll must present this with no comment because it's interesting. Israel is one of the most heavily vaccinated countries in the world very very high level of vaccination in no from the jerusalem. Post the cabinet approves new restrictions and considers another lockdown in israel because of rising cases and. I don't know the answer to that. But it is very puzzling alarming. When a when a country an area has such a high level of vaccination yet such seemingly out of control infections with the virus. I don't understand it. Well any problem that we look at whether it's in foreign policy and and right now. Our foreign policy is deteriorating. As far as i'm concerned it's not like they're a lot of troop movements but there's a lot of a bad idea movements and a lot of interference with our government and the bad part. There is a very bipartisan republicans. Don't complain about How many troops we have around the world. But you know it's not complicated and it's just amazing to me that people give up on a more peaceful solution to our problem and fall into the trap of a politician the bureaucrats who promise i'm gonna take care of you. You get out your. I'm gonna keep you well. You just follow your rules. And they will use four seven and violations and threats violence use it in threat and people go along with because there's at comfort level that yes is gonna take take care of me. Well they need to wake up and find out that they're not capable taking care of people. The only the only job that individuals have representative is to make sure that we have enough liberty for us to take care of ourselves and operate on our own because the governments are notoriously Failing at just about everything they do for thousands of years they've always been charged with the monetary system in most monetary systems. Even if it starts with gold they end up in and now you know and that was one of the I we in this country And it's been going on for years now with a federal reserve system and that's part of the problems we're facing this country in the economy but What do they reject they say..

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