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I mean that while we'll get to. Wow. During the second Joshua was a late bloomer. But Tony Joshua's got a glass, chin, this isn't the first time he's been knocked down by somebody. You think where you can't take him out? He's been knocked down like four times. He had Joshua's. But Tony, it's not the heavyweight division is hurting because 'cause projecting forward, they need that division needs a super fight in these fight like the old days with Tyson, Holyfield, or bull. Holy it needs that. And now Deontay wilder who caused Joshua fraud and he looks like he's completely accurate that super fight Tony diminished. I think I hope it will happen. But it's boxing is in much better shape because of this because I think Andy Ruis in his own way, very charismatic. He's a Mexican American which means with the with the passion that next Americans have short game heat, and go to the west coast, he can sell out anywhere and how about this way. Chip of Mexican descent doesn't like these, I've got the auntie wilder. I've got ta. And fury. And I've got Joshua who deserves a rematch in this. I think this is very good for boxing ice. Wanna quote, if I could the great teddy atlas on this fight. He said of Ruis said he just ruined one hundred years of physical fitness, Jack his auto business. Any said Josh was like a tall building in a tall building there. Lot of windows to break and this guy broke all the windows. I don't understand why you think this is bad for boxing. This is more heavyweights people care that. X is fit fitness back on hundred years. That's sentence, alone ought to convince you, I love this guy. Love watching him fight. He's, he's four. I'm happy for him. I want to big heavyweight super fight like the old days. Tony, we really got to sleep with us from and you can build to. Now, this is so dry and kick. I hope you're the KOMO twenty five. Guys kicking each other in the mid may guys. I just hope you're right in the scenario you just painted. When we last checked, in on the Stanley Cup final Jordan bidding tin, and even the series with the Bruins in the blues at every reason to believe he could carry them to their first Cup. But then came a disastrous game three when he gave up five goals. It was yanked out to a seven to Boston victory. Now comes game four and Saint Louis has to put them right back in netface carnivorous, Bruins attack, particularly on the power play should the blues. Tony feel confident with him between the pipes. Tonight confident are you crazy? No. You just went over this, this the testing he gave up five goals. They had to yank him from that game. I know I understand creek, Baru loves them. I understand that. He plucked them off the bench and the guy's been great. I understand he's had Down's back games. This is an absolute must win for the Saint Louis blues at home, where they're not very good. And you're asking me becomes he started out the season? Let me get this straight on the CNN Tonio rampage that could be a team in that for all we know no confidence. No wrong. He six two in the play offs. Tony after a loss. So he made lose what he's also your stopper twelve and two on the season after losing. Okay. Now, I really the first thing they have to do and Saint Louis stop takings. Give a five five, what five goals gave five goes eight Yankees, also six two and twelve and two in the playoffs in regular season after a law. So yes, they're going to Tony..

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