Wendy Wendy, Petr, Romney discussed on Louisiana Great Outdoors with Don Dubuc


Sheets that out there yesterday evening they got you know they had a little window to get out they went out there and did it you know they lauded him up man it did really really good so you know i'll to tell you you know if if you're gonna try it you watch the weather and if you catch it right go out there and do it but for the most part you know i don't ever buy hungry for some trout and just but i tell you don it was just a tough week man than wendy wendy blowing you know it's you know it's gonna be twenty i think twenty mile an hour winds today are east it's you know we're getting ready to leave to go back out there the lake to go try to you know full somebody's orces out niche it's going to be another broth day out there you know so you know it just be careful you'll find some clean water or you know i i would say if you're gonna try look for travel get up in mr go and you know just you know fish some to some of the little ditches and tanaz coming out of it or maybe back up and lena's and you just you just find some clean water clean mars gonna be your ticket if you know if that's what you're trying to do you know today so i wish i had a better report for you for the week but petr out of fun and i've been seeing tremendous amounts of sheep had in they're really big right now too so you can fill box as long as you want clean them you know you gotta get that weather to get out there and get them you know rigs and you gotta east wind blowing twenty you know you know not many people are gonna wanna take the pounding to get out there to try to catch sheepish romney we had plenty of water because it stacked up all week with that southeast wind but it.

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