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I found really interesting one of the reports that i've enjoyed the most is heaven thanatos audio the story where from liverpool he rents a room where he can you know spy down on the fields of of liverpool in and kind of what they were doing i think it was michael far beyond the other day said stunned federal football life years he is obsessed to appoint a sickness with soccer with the ball tell us a little bit about that story kind of how you found it and maybe more importantly how it reflects on who got low socio is this kind of obsessed human being when it comes to this game i'll tell you something up quick i was flying back from the super bowl the owner of santos alexander the universe i do i told him having dinner will sort in a couple of days like finishing nfl mogo into soccer mowed no and he says you know i was very close to signing authority for centers he has to tell you that great story about how we lived in a house in in england in manchester okay so then i'm having dinner with cottle's and i said i heard about him said it's not manchester it's liberal then i'd realize it's the luke are deaf all right once you're there you very similar but it was liverpool and he says yeah the mcmanus family on crown road number ten i think said i'm gonna find them find them i'll help you cohead find them right i said what am i going to do so i call tom marshall dom medina's cadillac called the god gotta help meetings it i am from manchester where my family lives impression was very spot on so let's make a letter okay we'll make the letter i'll tell my my brotherinlaw then when i got handwritten letter or letter a handwritten letter the actress that's all i now the mcmanus had crown road ten crown role funny stories when i met tom's brunton i said well he's not my brother boyfriends and very funny okay so wanted nothing to do with it was very funny so to make a long story short he walks up to the house and knocks and tom mcmanus opens and says yeah that's us no problem godless to callers in your in right i need to ballot of course verify you're not some crazy guys but he john suckling it's only done and the bed about a month i drove quanta crazy santiago bunuel's then directorate's analysis sports director helped me a lot who's now at the manica lua many medica he was part of convincing goggles and then what happened was kwan candles hadn't seen him in twelve years and the kind of human being hands is i don't want to use them embarrassed i haven't talked them such a long time my wife is all also embarrassed and i drove him crazy crazy you know miracles i could act this is this is this your job so i remember was thirsty he says john you know send me a text what's up jack contact their meal of contacted my other family mean by the next like winning a week i was there and then you really realize story is that he left the us trying to be a better physical trainer they told him that if we went to the university in liberal he'd be able to watch liverpool train so like any camp no like summer camp sold them something that doesn't start it was so he shows up in liverpool practice and these mr you can come when the fans come like you can come on wednesday eleven once a week right and he says hoops what am i going to do so we're liverpool train on crown road there's a street besides their facility so he walks there one day and knox in the house the lady of the house mary mcmanus the sun they wife the carpenter opens a door and he says do you have a laterite borrow and he says no delays there's no but i have a table so he he lent them the table folded up moved it imagine or saudi like if it was a prison that you wanna see a relative and he moved the table that pending over they practice greg and he did that several days and mary would say he would clean it leave it needs and come back in that was key always a wireless in control right guys good man he's clean and bring it back then he came back i guess after several days and saw the window and says can.

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