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It's game five of the stanley cup. Final between the los angeles kings and the new york rangers with the kings up three games to one the kings back on home ice where they won games. One and two both in overtime justin williams was the hero in game one and kings captain. Dustin brown ended game two in double overtime and for both veterans their first career playoff overtime winners. The kings also back on home ice tonight where they clinched their first stanley cup two years two days ago on june eleventh of two thousand twelve new york rangers looking for another good start here tonight. Remember and games one and two. They led to nothing in both games. The rangers also looking for another standout performance from their seventh time club. Mvp goaltender henrik lundqvist. Lundquist now eleven and two elimination games going back to twenty twelve game five stanley cup final here at staples again. The kings are up three games to one. We'll take a closer look at the match up here tonight after this time out. You're listening to the two thousand fourteen stanley cup playoffs on the kings radio network palais kings hockey played here patriots. Am eleven fifty knickknacks events back here at staples center. The two clocks have hit the ice and at the start of tonight's game five in just a couple of moments starting lineups for the new york rangers coach by elaine beano in his first year on defense anton strowman with marc staal and upfront derek. Step on with rick. Nash and chris kreider in front of goaltender henrik lundqvist. No changes for the rangers scratched fall car ceelo foster miller diaz and backup goaltender cam. Talbot still injured david. Llanview will be the backup for the kings now. Changes scratched brigadier schultz and jordan nolan and starting for coach darryl sutter in his third year behind the king's bench. Jake muhsin defense with drew. Doughty and andrzej copa tire will start between marian gaborik and dustin brown in front of goaltender jonathan. Quick quick in the playoffs record of fifteen and ten a two point six six goals against a nine ten save percentage and to his backup. Martin jones henrik. Lundquist has been busy as well. Twenty four games for lundquist. His record is thirteen and ten with a two point. One five goals against at nine twenty six save percentage the kings here at staple center on home ice in the playoffs are seven and four on the. The new yorkers are at five hundred at six and six.

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