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The latest. So you look on the flipside, when it comes to Jeff, bright, h any signed way Davis, who's now on the DL, he is signed, Jake McGee is signed Brian Shaw, someone. Oh. Way davis. I guess I shouldn't lump way Davis in because he was he's been better than those other guys Mike done. These are all free agent pickups, by Jeff bridage. They have all not been good in Desmond. Obviously, the highest profile one, and he was out of the lineup today, but he continues to struggle at the plate. And we're going on a thousand to twelve hundred days of this with the Desmond being garbage. Daniel Murphy has not panned out now. I'm not I'm not in the same vein as Woody. I'm not saying let's turn around and trade. Daniel murphy. I think that his hand injury has had something to do with his struggles. But the fact remains that this is another free agent pickup. I Jeff bridage that we thought was going to be great. And it hasn't turned out that way. So at what point? Do we start to have a conversation where dick Monfort, it's willing to open up the pocket book is the right guy writing the checks and I'm not saying fire Jeff bridage? I'm just saying. Can we expect him to spend dick Monfort money wisely? Two.

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