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I understand why that's problematic but other than that it's super SCR the show is super scripted. I don't know. I don't know because I'm like TV nerd, but like I really really pay attention to the sound and to the editing of the show, and I could just tell I could hear when it's like when it's like an interview that they chop up for them to say, whatever they need producers need them to say. And this show is all of this show. So is that I guess most reality shows are that. But I'm like come on. This is like Riddick like that scene in the first fucking episode where they're walking through the Sokolow and Mexico City, and they're doing this this past tech this like these two white literally white lady from New York and this other white Mexican who she's engaged to or walking down the soco. And they see these people do this Disley Aztec ritual dance. And they stand in the middle. Like, it was all a coincidence. I'm like how did they get drone shots? Like they were ready bit. You know, like, that's that's that's the thing that stopped me from continue to watch it. But again, then we start getting all this messages from listeners. I'm like fuck it. Okay. I'm going to watch the whole thing that scene is so problematic one because we don't know we don't have all the information about how attic retail function, and their dances and everything all that shit is an invention from the nineteenth century. A matter say all these people dress with to to recognize to celebrate that aspect past this in a way like as much as it's a source of pride for a lot of people. Like, it's also show for fuck interests in people try to show off their identity and their fucking quote unquote, authencity by doing things like that by trying to teach me about fucking the Martos a whole episode about the other mortals bench itself. Fucking grows. It's so gross. You have to finish it. You have to finish it. It just gets worse. It's disgusting. And by the way, my show here in Breckenridge is called. It's a day of the dead show. Come on over I've never celebrated day the dead in real life because I'm Mexican and because I need to pay my rent, I do like this, and that's fucking real. It's real. So sometimes I I see this kind of. Shit. But then again, I'm like, well, I'm doing the same shit. But at least I'm aware of it. Okay. Ridicule to like, you do research first of all and the critical about some of these ideas. These people are just wanting to show that Mexico's hip plays where you can be offended by fucking getting Olympia and Sokolow which what the fuck does that. And by celebrating the mortals and getting drunk. It's just like. Met gravel Puto stowaway. Again. I watched like three days. Yeah. Well, that's that. Let's see what else. What else you wanna talk about? Is that it or? The governor. Commerce. You know, like, I'm glad we talked about it. And I appreciate everybody that was reaching like, oh my God. We can't wait for Latinos. Who lunch to listen to to watch that show? But. Oh, you know, what I it was a task, man. It was a fucking task. You know, what I did end up finishing was Elissa Edwards show dancing Queen. I coulda passed. The second episode. You didn't get past it. I mean, I put it on the background. I was working in the studio. But it's just it's a dance mom show. I cannot believe I was actually talking to from the quotas radio. And she's like, yeah. Those women those dance moms on the show. That's how a lot of Texan women are. And she said that she couldn't really watch the show because it was like really triggering her like seeing those women talk down to people the way that they do. And oh my gosh. It's sick. I mean, the only thing that carries the show through his when Eliza does drag and like her family drama. I think is interesting. Get to see that. Even though that's totally staged. Whatever good for she has a show Rupa's making money. Everybody's making money Shangila is on it chancellor on. Mean share Jila? What's the other one own? Yes. Come on Trump. Yes. She's on it. She's on it too. But other than that. I haven't really I haven't really been watching anything. I was watching. You know, what I started re watching it and that show nails or not nails?.

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