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After Monday's awful shooting at Michigan state university that did leave three students dead 5 others injured, there was a candlelight vigil locally here at DuPont circle where alumni from the school who live here in the D.C. area gathered to support each other. Every 5 minutes, it was like shots fired at Brody hall, shots fired at acres hall. Carolyn van slam broke graduated from Michigan state university in 2019, her sister currently goes there, she's a junior so the shooting was traumatic for her entire family. She was scared. She was sheltered in place with her roommates. They had the lights turned off. Lock their doors and windows. It was a lot of uncertainty. So she says this vigil surrounded by other alumni has given her some comfort. Having a sense of community like this makes you feel like you can get through it. At DuPont's circle, Nick eying Ellie, double TOP news. Three O four on your Friday morning. I mean held in connection to the discovery locally of a headless body in his backyard, telling police this week he did it. No word of caution from WTO this early warning during your ride, the details of the story, some will consider quite graphic. Court records show that when 32 year old levon Barnes was asked why he killed the man, he told police he felt angry and upset for unknown reasons, as if a black cloud was over his head. It was also revealed in the court documents that the parts of the body found in the trash bags in the backyard of the home in northeastern Catholic university had been there three months. Barnes told investigators he tased punch kicked and stabbed the man who has not yet been identified, then cut off his head and arms with an axe, he bought in a hardware store and put them in the trash. Barnes is being held without bond and goes back to court in March. Kyle Cooper, WTO P news. WTO P three O 5. The trial and the murder locally of ten year old Mikhail Wilson of D.C. has begun now 6 men are charged in this case in connection with her killing that took place back on 2018. Wilson then was caught in a shootout, she was not the target. This while she was trying to get ice cream outside her northeast home. Double DTO piece on John dolman reports this morning from the courtroom. The first day of this trial wrapped up with about 20 minutes of testimony from done Wilson, the mother of ten year old Mikhail Wilson, who described a chaotic situation of bullets breaking windows of her home. In her daughter's eventually collapsing through a front door, they struggled to

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