Iranian Government, Hassan Rouhani, Vladimir Zelinsky discussed on Dana Loesch


Story this half hour is WSP stop national story the Iranian government now admits responsibility for using a missile the shootdown that Ukrainian civilian passenger jet Wednesday Iranian president Hassan Rouhani is sending condolences to the families of the victims and promising to prosecute those responsible meanwhile Ukrainian president Vladimir Zelinsky is calling for a complete investigation the president's daughter is coming to Atlanta next week to spotlight the administration work against human trafficking Yvonne car trunk full tour to facilities that help survivors Tuesday in downtown Atlanta with her will be governor and Mrs camp senator Kelly loft work and other administration officials condemned Georgia death row inmate Michael Metz is suing the state to be executed by firing squad instead of lethal injection dancers is veins are so narrow that an injection would cause excruciating pain a would be thief is in the Bartow county jail this morning after a rack of tires felony when he broke into what tires stores Sunday police say a thirty year old Nathaniel caring guardian by breaking through the front door he called nine one one saying frantically the tire rack was going to kill him police arrested him and say he does not have any serious injuries WSB news time.

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